Hello all,  As you have probably noticed — QURAS ICO has been delayed a bit. We have a lot of questions about the reason for the delay coming from the community and in this post, we will explain and clarify the situation.

From the start, we wanted to be absolutely sure that the investors’ funds are well protected. For this reason, we have decided to show results prior to the ICO. We want to show what we are doing in the code.

Currently, the update for the beta of QURAS Wallet is coming and our Blockexplorer will be released in March. Coding of the anonymous transactions by zk-SNARKs on smart contracts and token fee refund to the token managers are mostly done and we are now implementing ring signature. With this token transaction fee sharing feature, the project can share transaction fee with QURAS consensus node and they can make their project more sustainable. Our source code will be made public after the testing.

We are also introducing QRG, a gas cryptocurrency which is used for smart contract transaction. If the user has QRS, he can stake QRG per every 15 seconds. How many QRG will be given to the user is decided by how many QRS they have.

QURAS was ready to do an ICO before and is ready now, but these are the reasons why we have decided to postpone the ICO. The project was presented all across the world at the key conferences, and we have a number of exchange listing agreements ready for the time when we decide to go public.

QURAS has its own Blockchain and naturally, development and testing take time. We are making progress each day and will be happy to do an ICO when we can provide solid proof of what we are doing.

We could get QURAS ERC-20 token listed on the exchanges, but that carries great risk from the price viewpoint. For this reason, we want QURAS coin, built on our Blockchain, to be listed on the exchanges.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them in the comments or contact our admin team on Telegram.

Thank you for your support and have a great day!

Your QURAS Team