Start your Wagerr Mainnet wallets. Swap your Wagerr tokens for WGR Mainnet coins.

Hello Wagerr Community,


Wagerr Mainnet wallets are available for download. Please follow theseinstructions to set up your wallet and prepare it to receive Wagerr Mainnet coins.

Transferring from

If you never moved your coins from, transferring them to your Wagerr Mainnet address is straightforward. Visit to download the wallet, log in, and enter your Mainnet address to receive your coins.

Transferring from Wagerr-over-Waves tokens

If you are transferring Wagerr-over-Waves tokens by sending them to the official gateway address, you mustinclude your Wagerr Mainnet wallet address in the attachment field on your Waves wallet.

Since there are multiple versions of the Waves wallet, instructions for each version are spelled out in detail. The team has done its best to streamline the process by pre-populating the Wagerr-branded Waves wallet with the official gateway address. The Wagerr-over-Waves web wallet (available on also pre-populates the official gateway address.

If you choose to use the generic Waves wallet, you will have to enter the gateway address manually and also include your Wagerr mainnet wallet address in the attachment field. The result will be the same, but the customized versions are more straightforward because there are fewer variables.  

Staking parameters

To allow fair access, there will be no block rewards until block 10,000. Keep in mind, that if you choose to stake, every stake will cost 0.00001480 Wagerr in network transaction fees. To prevent this, you can add the parameter staking=0 to the configuration file.  

Zerocoin parameters 

Because of the way that zerocoin works, any Wagerr that are converted to zWagerr are secured in the wallet.dat, not on the blockchain. It is therefore necessary to maintain a secure backup of your wallet.dat (not just your private keys) in order to maintain control of your zWagerr. If you prefer to turn off zerocoin functionality, you can edit the configuration file with the following parameters:



Up Next: Masternodes

Up next in the graduated rollout of the Wagerr Mainnet: Masternodes! Stay tuned for instructions on setting them up.  

Wagerr on!

The Wagerr Team