Gridcoin Weekly+ Update

We aim to write about what happens in the Gridcoin world and have some longer in depth sections on topics that has been hot the current week, and try to highlight many of the current interesting things. We give you tips and statistics to make you feel up to date on everything regarding the network. Do you wish to see something special, please leave a comment in the section below.

Gridcoin Weekly Supports the Community with Steemit

From todays issue we will convert 50% of the SBD, from both first and second distribution, to Gridcoin and rain on all users in the Neural Network. If you up-vote us, you support the community. The remaining 50% will be converted to Steem Power for voting power on Steemit. The result from distribution will be presented in this section next week.


Voting Balance

A topic that has been greatly talked about in the community is the balance of wallet votes.
@cm-steem writes about the basic issue with an equal balance of voting between balance and magnitude. It has been discussed in the Gridcoin Forum and many ideas has been bounced back and forth.

After much discussion there has today been a Voting announced. There are two different votes made as one is for crunchers and one is for investors. As a cruncher you can vote in both.

Make sure you read up on the topic before voting since it is pretty much to take in. You shouldn't vote on previous issues that has been fixed but rather what you see as best in the future.

Everyone should make sure to vote on thisThe Project SSL Enforcement

The ongoing project of increasing the security for all the users has entered the final stages. The poll for enforcement of SSL ends September 5th and currently has a majority of making SSL a default requirement.

When this poll ends a new poll for every project that is not having a SSL certificate will be created. This will base the final decision of removing a project or not. If a project is voted out because of the missing SSL requirement they will be included again when they enable SSL. This will probably not require another vote.

Anyone interested in reading about the issue should check these topics:

Why SSL is so important for us Should SSL Encryption be Mandatory Gridcoin Hangout #5 that gets released in a few days.
In other news [Contest] The Contest to find the next Wallet Splash Image is gaining momentum. Make your entry today and win GRC! Brainstorming new ideas for Wallet UI
Gridcoin related BOINC Projects News PrimeGrid has a Summer Paralympics Challenge during September 2 - September 7. [email protected] writes about publication regarding results from their new application starting in February 2016. [email protected] enables Multicore WUs as they end beta stage but gets some issues with VirtualBox [email protected] reaches an impressive 3 Trillion Events. ClimatePrediction explains a recent paper released regarding extreme weather events. GPUGrid announces a new beta application release [email protected] announces xyyxf project achieved t50
Gridcoin Hangout Possibilities to reach out to charity organizations for enabling Gridcoin donations Wallet Splash image contest will continue for at least another week Possibilities regarding an open pool ideas was discussed Encryption and SSL enforcement discussion and what it will mean for the community

Listen to the Gridcoin Hangout on SoundCloud (takes a few days after live session before it's posted)

Votes in Progress

Poll Title

Poll Voting Name



What Should the Balance to Magnitude Ratio Be? - Investors Poll


Multiple Choices


What Should the Balance to Magnitude Ratio Be? - Miners Pol


Multiple Choices


Should SSL encryption be mandatory for whitelisted projects


Yes / No


What are the best projects


Multiple Choices


What communication platform do you prefere


Multiple Choices


Gridcoin Decentralized Voting System Documentation

Wallet Updates

Wallet was updated to
Fixes for this release:

Fix unix build problems

Current Challenge Challenge Issuer
Project Current PositionEnding Team ChinaWorld Community Grid12016-09-05 PrimeGridPrimeGrid-2016-09-07 Joining a challenge may give extra profit trough Project Rain. Any update regarding rain can be found on the official forum.Upcoming Challenges Challenge Issuer Project Start Date End Date Crunchers Sans Frontieres PrimeGrid
2016-09-08 2016-09-12 GridcoinWorld Community Grid2016-09-142016-09-21 Eneded Challenges Challenge Issuer Project End DatePosition SETI.Germany[email protected]2016-08-2910 This Week in Numbers
This WeekLast WeekChange Team Users7907783572 Active Users (Neural Network)17111716-5 Active Users (Boincstats)21892197-8 Pool Users1381134734 Interested to join?

If you are not currently using Gridcoin but would like to, here are a few places to get help on how to start:
Gridcoin Webpage
Gridcoin Forum
Gridcoin on Steemit
IRC: gridcoin and gridcoin-help