Big fish: WWF joins AIDCHain!

One of the most famous charities in the world has registered on AIDChain, thus joining the era of transparent giving. Welcome WWF!

The AidCoin team has been working hard lately to get several leading charities onto AIDChain to forge the way for other smaller charities and the sector as a whole. And the World Wildlife Fund Italia has become the first to embark on this important journey towards full transparency — now we’re looking forward to seeing more charities follow suit!

This may be just the first step in our collaboration with WWF Italia but it’s clearly a significant development for AidCoin as well as the charity and crypto sectors.

“We’re very excited about this news! It shows how the no-profit industry’s opening up to blockchain technology and WWF Italy is one of the most important international charities to be launched on the AidChain platform. We’ve been working alongside them through CharityStars for a long time now and we strongly believe it will only be the first charity in a long list!” — Francesco Nazari Fusetti, AidCoin Co-founder & CEO

So, what does this mean for the charity sector? WWF Italia’s most recent move will undoubtedly affect the way people perceive big charities with all their structural complexity and unclear management of funds. This will be a showcase of how a modern charity can make use of cutting-edge tech solutions such as the one offered by AidCoin to increase the efficiency of fundraising and fund management. But most importantly, it will provide donors with a new and active role: instead of being outside observers, they will be able to track and even manage how their money is being spent. This, in turn, will help us to fulfil our mission to bring about a breakthrough in the trust crisis that has hit the non-profit sector, leading to a decrease in donations.

As for what this means for the crypto sector— it serves as a real-life application of cryptocurrencies as a method of payment: WWF Italia is committed to spending the crypto funds raised in crypto as is by transacting with its service providers through AIDChain (more details will follow in our next release specifically dedicated to WWF Italia’s campaign). This may not sound like anything special but it’s an unprecedented case that’s worthy of attention and here’s why: usually, even if a charity does accept crypto, donations get converted to fiat straight away, taking away the ability to track the allocation of funds further, one of the key benefits that cryptocurrencies bring. In the case of WWF Italia, however, crypto will remain crypto, allowing users to reap all the benefits this technology offers.

And finally, by joining AIDChain, WWF Italia demonstrates just how relevant the blockchain technology is to the charity sector. It’s hard to imagine another sector where trust between parties is so important (and so easily breached by lack of accountability).

In short, this collaboration between AidCoin and WWF Italia proves that AidCoin offers a solution to an acute problem in the charity sector — with the blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and smart contracts offering truly immense benefits. And even more importantly, top charities, such as the WWF, know it.

P.S. Stay tuned to hear more about the WWF Italia fundraising campaign that will be launched soon!

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