Closed Beta Public Launch Event and Future Strategy PresentationSee the video of the main presentation here

On Monday, April 23, 2018, we held a closed beta version public launch event. With about 400 community members and media participating, the venue was lively and full of enthusiasm. We announced our future strategies and plans and answered many questions about the ALIS token and its practical usage.


Roadmap for Implementation of the ALIS Vision

At the event, CEO Masahiro Yasu discussed the basic roadmap for the implementation and realization of the ALIS vision.

Thank you all for gathering here today. I would like to talk about the future of ALIS, and how we will realize our vision.The vision of ALIS is to “make human connection more efficient through the visualization of trust“.I believe that social capital is the capital of the future, and that this is where attention in the world will focus. People are told that they have three types of capital: money, self, and social relations capital, but until now money has been the clear focus as far as a standard goes. However, distortion occurs in many places under this standard.We are committed to creating a way to visualize human trust, and we want to accelerate this paradigm shift by making a more connected world even for those generations yet to come. In addition, we have made great progress in realizing our vision. That is to endeavor to realize “co-creation of a service with the community using a token economy” which is a “new business development method”. Specifically, there are two points. The first point is that the value of the ecosystem and the reward are connected, and the reward is paid to the individual who provides value. The second point is to establish a mechanism by which the economy of the ecosystem autonomously flows.I am convinced that this endeavor will greatly change how business development has been done up until now. According to the rules of the traditional corporations, it is difficult for all stakeholders to be unified in purpose and in goal, pursuing the same values, because the goal and focus of the company is placed almost solely upon the interests of the shareholders. However, in a successfully established token economy, I think that it is possible to shift the focus and value to a community-centric model. We believe that the value we could not pursue in the past world can be pursued in the new paradigm of the token economy. In fact, I feel the excitement surrounding the virtual currency community at present, including the ALIS community, is evidence of this.Road map to realization Let me explain what kind of roadmap this vision and challenge will utilize. The biggest, current STEP, we have here on this slide, but there is much room within STEP 2 and onward, with much yet undecided, and ample space for opportunity, development, and improvement. So today, I will break down STEP 1 for you in detail, discussing the product release, and the closed Beta test of our platform.

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