Hive Project wins Best ICO at CoinAGENDA Europe!

We are happy to announce that Hive Project won the ICO and Startup Competition at CoinAgenda, the Bitcoin & Digital Currency Investors’ Conference in Barcelona.

The judges for the event awarded Hive Project the accolade of being the top up-and-coming company, following in the footsteps of Bancor, which won CoinAgenda’s Puerto Rican conference in March.

With previous CoinAgenda winners having gone on to raise millions of dollars in follow-on funding (Bancor raised $153 million), we are honoured to be their successor!

“We are proud that our project and our efforts have been recognized by CoinAgenda’s judges and the rest of the community. It gives us confidence to know that we are well on the way towards making a real difference and revolutionizing invoice financing in the process,” explained Jure Soklic, CEO and co-founder of Hive Project.

Winners of CoinAGENDA Europe: Hive Project takes first prize as the most promising project.

At each of its quarterly conferences CoinAgenda holds a startup competition in which a range of startups present their products and services to the judges, who evaluate the submissions on the basis of their innovation and creativity.

Winning first place at CoinAGENDA Europe was the icing on the cake after 3 great days spent at one of the online community’s biggest conferences. We talked to some of the world’s leading investors, discussed Hive Project with some of the greatest minds in the industry, and outlined the benefits in front of a rapt audience. We received lots of very useful feedback and some amazing responses from the investors in attendance!

With Bancor and other CoinAgenda winners having gone on to raise millions in funding, we are surer than ever that the Hive Project ICO will be a resounding success.

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