ZeroBank Roadshow Recap at Blockchain Forum 2018

ZeroBank roadshow started off on Thursday, 14th June 2018 at one of the biggest blockchain forums in Vietnam — “Blockchain Forum: Vision and Development” hosted by VNExpress and Ministry of Science and Technology at JW Marriott Hotel.

In this prestigious forum about blockchain technology which ZeroBank is one of the honored sponsors, its aims are to spread the spirit, awareness and knowledge about the importance of blockchain technology to Vietnam’s development in near future.

At our roadshow event, we had been sharing about ZeroBank project details including the explanation about non-commercial versus commercial money transfer, the market size for ZeroBank project.

Our team also pointed out the 3Cs problems of the money exchange market and remittances: Cost, Coverage and Compliance and how ZeroBank brilliantly resolves them.

We also had an engaging ZeroBank Q&A sessions with all of the attendees followed by a fun Lucky Draw session. ZeroBank team is glad that our attendees show great interest in the project by asking a lot of questions revolving around ZeroBank application. We also received many praises and welcomes of our project’s breakthrough ideas.

Highlighted questions at ZeroBank roadshow

Q: Is there possibility that transactions within ZeroBank violate the law of Vietnam?

A: Token is cryptocurrency and its existence is for exchanging money value, not for direct payment between users. Considering current laws of Vietnam, ZeroBank transactions do not violate or against the laws.

From the talks of representatives from the government at today’s Blockchain Forum, we all can see the positive signals towards cryptocurrency as well as blockchain technology applications.

Moreover, ZeroBank project currently already has its own solutions to adjust its service operation to be a legal service at any country it’ll be reaching to.

Q: In case an agent and a money receiver meet up at a place with no Internet connection, how can the transaction can be proceeded?

A: It’s a fact that there are remote places that have no Internet connection. However, the coverage of the Internet worldwide for sure, is much wider than the coverage of the banking system. With the current fast-paced growth of the internet, its limited coverage will soon no longer a problem to online transactions.

Q: Will ZeroBank network be bigger than MoneyGram’s?

A: Yes, from our vision, more and more agent will join ZeroBank’s system and there will be no boundary for its network.

Q: How do you ensure the security for agents and money exchangers during their real life transaction? For example, prevention of robbery, criminals, etc? Which locations are safe? Who will be the transaction supervisor?

A: ZeroBank transactions will be secured not only on the cyber side but also in reality. We have a system of verified agents who are trusted and highly rated by the people participating in the transaction activities themselves. There also will be an user guideline for everyone joining in the ecosystem.

ZeroBank project is led by an excellent team who has extensive experience in money transaction security, especially Mr. Kai Yee — our CEO and co-founder. He is the specialist in Anti-money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism.

Thank you for all your support! ZeroBank roadshow was an overall success, with loads of fun and inspirations. It also was a great starting point for the team to reach out more potential investors as well as users in the near future.