Happy New Year: Antshares Preview 2017


Happy New Year to all our supporters!
Thank you for your support! You are the very reason our project made this far.
TAT wishes the best to you, your family and your friends in the coming year.

Here we present some of the previews of Antshares' roadmap in 2017.

Technical part:


Microsoft Visual Studio has listed an Antshares SmartContract Addon,

which can be directly used to write smart contracts for Antshares

Blockchain using C#. This will be illustrated later in a detailed


2) The Web Wallet of Antshares is expected to have some

major updates including a gesture password, tx list showcase and the

most wanted: SPV-servers to enable a true light wallet.


Antshares is in negotiation with several peer projects to enter a

consortium enabling Cross-Chain Atomic Swap between every 2 blockchains,

and also with the Bitcoin Blockchain.

Business progress:


With our dedicated crowdfunding and secondary market exchange,

Bichuang.com, coming online with a successful funding of 2,000 Bitcoins,

we have laid the foundation for better support to future

Antshares-based asset digitization & Dapp developments.


The Community is in heated discussion of a possible AntNest Fund

project, a investment fund for Antshares-based projects. The fund can be

invested with ANS in a smart contract using Antshares VM.


are some of the incoming events for Antshares in EARLY 2017. As always,

your support and participation are crucial for our development.

Have a nice holiday!