ARK Update Brings Better TX Broadcasting

Apart from constantly working on new things, we are also constantly improving ARK core so we are happy to announce a new minor ARK core update that :

- Fixes transaction broadcasting (sometimes TX didn’t get broadcasted on the ARK network and user had to rebroadcast the TX). - /api/accounts/getBalance now returns error if address is not recognised as ARK address - blockid is added to transaction in /api/transactions
What do I have to do if I’m running a node on my server for ARK, be it active (you are in the top #51) or relay (you are #52 and downwards)?

Make sure you are running latest (if not sure) run this commands:

cd ~ rm wget

After that :

bash ~/

Once in ARKcommander option ‘3’ Update ARK (press ‘3’ + [enter])

That’s it — node will update and automatically restart. Simple right?

What do I have to do if I’m only end-user and love ARK? Nothing — keep on loving and supporting ARK :)

Thank you ARK community you are the best!