Post Launch Analysis — 24 Hours Outsuc•cess (sək-sĕsˈ) n.The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted: attributed their success in business to hard work.

Indeed the launch of ARK was a smashing success — at 19:00 UTC on 21st of March, ARK MainNet went live with an extremely smooth launch. We have been relentlessly preparing behind the scenes to ensure the ARK community had no difficulties retrieving their tokens from the ARK-TEC site, downloading and configuring their wallets and firing up nodes to begin the competition for forging spots. Key to this process was the development of the ARKcommander ARK node tool that makes installation, configuring, updating and monitoring ARK nodes a breeze.

Genesis delegates were quickly replaced by community members as they brought their nodes online, and in a very short time the ARK network was rock stable with 100% ARK community members from all over the world. A huge thank you to our community — you are awesome. And a special extra thank you to the magnificent 7 (dafty, michaelthecryptoguy, sidzero, ghostfaceuk, bcboilermaker, jamiec79 and toons). You guys have gone above and beyond in your efforts, enthusiasm and tireless testing during testnet to ensure we had a solid launch! For the first week the equal total of all transaction fees prior to block 75600 will be split evenly between the magnificent 7 who have earned every bit of it. And forging rewards will start with block 75600 early next week. At that point the network will be entirely in the communities hands…. And we will sleep like babies knowing our months of hard work is protected by such a great team.

Soon after launch we experienced a DDoS attack that originated from Kansas (no place like home right Toto?) and the stress on the network far exceeded any of the stressors we had applied during testnet testing. And….the network held up brilliantly. Blocks kept cranking out on time and the few nodes that were knocked out were genesis nodes — the delegate nodes held their ground.

Overall we could not be more pleased. Very few glitches, no forks and the Bittrex trading volume skyrocketed shortly after launch, with rapid transfers from ARK wallets to Bitrex without any issues. The first 24 hour volume on Bittrex was over 240 BTC — which is ahead of Monero, SDC and even Lisk! The price has been very stable since, remains above ICO price and has started to gradually rise over the past several hours. This stability in price is not usual shortly after a cryptocurrency launch and implies confidence in ARK and the network.

Comments started to roll in about how this was the smoothest launch they had ever seen in crypto. There was also praise for our thorough and accurate documentation.

“I had no problems with moving ark from the exchange and it arrived very quickly”
“I’m running a node and everything went fine.And the linux software is really user friendly!”
“The mainnet launch itself was very smooth. the delegates were in place ready to go with time to spare and took up the strain wonderfully and smoothly. you would almost think it was a quiet day…”
“everything went fine and i have do the withdraw after 4–5 min of mainnet launch. very good jobs guys!!! congrats!”

Also, it was wonderful to see so many familiar names from other coins jump aboard as ARK ecosystem members and delegates — we can not emphasize enough how appreciative we are of the ARK community.

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Bittrex: Cryptopia:

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CoinMarketCap: CryptoCompare:

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Spread the word — and again thank you for your tremendous support and positive words!