ARK Hackathon Projects Have a New Home Under One Roof

One of the core missions of ARK is education. We place a large emphasis on pushing awareness of blockchain technology and ARK in particular. By supporting hackathons we are able to connect with young developers and expose them to a wider field of view of the blockchain world. Participating in blockchain education is an exciting way to help steer the direction of the future as we enjoy taking a lead in the education of future blockchain developers.

As such we have made a dedicated Github repository containing all Hackathon projects (using ARK) housed under one roof. Anyone will be able to see, contribute, brainstorm and connect with other fellow ARKathoners.

ARK Hackathon Projects link :

Over the past year ARK has sponsored and attended several hackathons. The quality of projects constructed were excellent and the level of attention directed toward ARK was great. 24–36 hours of hacking by these extremely talented, young and enthusiastic developers produced results that were truly mind-boggling at a rate that would put some senior developers to shame. And now, with the release of our ARK Deployer, hackathon participants will be able to have their own blockchain up and running in well under an hour.

We felt that is was necessary to have all ARK sponsored projects from all hackathons located in a single place. So far, all hackathons have been wildly sucessful and we cannot wait to see what brilliant ideas young developers will come up with in the future!

ARK Hackathon Projects link :

If you want to join the ARKHackathon team to open/manage your own repository, please reach us on ARK Slack and we will help you to jump in. We view this initiative as a way to gather a pool of developers that can be reached when developing the next big thing on ARK!

Developers! don’t forget that it’s never too late to get involved with ARK! If you are not able to attend hackathons you currently have two options:

Github Development Bountyprogram for anyone to start contributing at our official Githubrepository.ARK Community Fund (ACF) where your ideas can come to fruition with necessary funding to get it done.

Together with all of our contributors, we are shaping the future of ARK one step at a time. We are truly appreciative to all of our supporters, community members, delegates, and developers! We could n