Sharpe Capital - SHP Token Sale: Now open until February!

There has been much talk recently of how token sales should be structured, with Vitalik himself offering several proposals to mitigate ‘panic buying’ created when token sales have very limited pre-sale windows and time restrictions. The UK Financial Conduct Authority also recently lamented the number of token sales that are not backed by an existing product and the highly speculative nature of participating in these sales — our platform will now be live and usable before the token sale concludes.

We’ve reached out to many of our SHP token sale participants, and those who registered their interest on our whitelist and waiting list. Many wished to participate but felt that the minimum pre-sale contribution was too high, and others have been delayed due to the recent issue with Parity multisig wallets, and general blockchain asset market conditions.

At Sharpe Capital, we have always been highly responsive to community feedback. Indeed, community-led governance is a core component of our platform, in which SHP owners can table motions for voting to guide the direction of the Sharpe Platform.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that we’re changing the structure of the token sale going forward in response to everything that’s happening in the world of blockchain right now.

Firstly, we are extending the token sale until February 5th 2018. The platform will still be launched on 11th December, and those using the platform will receive their first ETH payment in January, with payments being issued monthly going forward.

Secondly, we are retaining the bonus tiers for larger contribution sizes throughout the sale, to avoid creating a false sense of urgency and to enable interested parties to come to an informed decision, utlimately allowing SHP to find its true market value. We are introducing an additonal bonus tier, in which participants will receive 5% extra SHP for contributions over $1,500 USD in ETH. This new tier will come into effect on Monday 2pm GMT, for those wishing to contribute $1,500–10,000 USD nominal.

Finally, after 11th December — when the platform launches — the offered rate of SHP/ETH will fall by 100 per week, until it reaches 1400 SHP per ETH. This rewards early participants who purchase SHP before the platform launches, incentivising users to engage with the Sharpe Platform, enabling us to test and refine the payment mechanisms during the Alpha period.

To summarise, the sale will remain open until February 5th 2018. The minimum contribution will be $100. The following bonuses will apply throughout the sale:

$1,500 — $10,000 → 5% Bonus

$10,000 —$50,000 → 10% Bonus

$50,000 — $250,000→ 20% Bonus

$250,000 — $500,000 → 30% Bonus

The value of USD/ETH will be re-pegged to the current market rate every Sunday throughout the sale.

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