Aventus (AVT) - Weekly Update #13: The Price of ETH, New Website, Marketing and PR Update, and more

Hello guys. We have some interesting news for you this week, as we’re half way through December leading up to the new year. Lots happening here at Aventus and as always we’d like to share it with you. Here’s what we will be covering today:

Aventus Foundation: Where the foundation is currently at & what this means for exchange listingsThe price of ETH: What does this mean for AventusNew website: Screenshots and hopeful release dateMarketing and PR update: 2018 marketing plans and when to expect a big PR pushNew hire: Front-end engineer Aventus Foundation

Alan and Annika recently travelled to Jersey in the Channel Islands to finalise the Aventus Protocol Foundation, which is registered there. Last week gave you an update on this and briefly wanted to state that everything is now completely out of Aventus’s hands. We are now just waiting for two more exchanges to list us. For legal reasons we cannot say more, but more news will hopefully follow shortly. Be sure to keep checking out Twitter, as we post up-to-date information on there immediately.

The Price of ETH

As all in the crypto currency space know, the price of ETH has skyrocketed. There is a lot of speculation as to why this has happened, considering it has risen by a staggering 2300% this year. There are many trying to pinpoint the exact reason for this increase, however it is unsure which exact one is truly the main factor.

But what has this meant for Aventus and did we act on it?

The answer to that is straightforward: we decided to exchange 20,000 ETH into US dollars. This means that we are now financially protected from market downturn in the future and have increased the security of our business for all involved.

New Website

We have announced our new website in our Telegram and Discord groups, however we wanted to officially confirm that a new site will be going live in the very near future. We are aiming for the end of the year to start fresh in 2018, but as you know with any software project, we cannot set a hard deadline as unpredictable developments can result in variable time delays. The new site will include a highly requested roadmap, short bios and photos of the entire team and more. We’re very excited for you all to see it and thought we’d post a few screenshots below. They are teasers and a few details may still change.

Marketing and PR Update

There were a few comments in our community recently about marketing and PR. We felt is necessary to comment again on this topic. A short and medium-term marketing plan has been developed internally, planned to start in January 2018, that will centre around building our open standard for ticket exchange with as much feedback and input from industry participants as possible. This marketing strategy includes targeted and frequent press in both crypto and mainstream/ticketing media, influencer marketing, events and hackathons, and more. More on this will follow, along with an announcement of who our PR agency is and the role they will play in executing our marketing vision. For now, we are staying quiet and are focused on meticulous planning.

New Hire

One of our two new front-end engineers will be joining us next week. Both had lengthy notice periods, but we are super excited to have them join us soon. We will be posting the interview with our first joiner of the front-end team next week.

P.s. He is another Andy! Making it a total of three in the Aventus team, and a difficult game of who’s-who in the office.

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