Aworker Bounty Campaign Is Closing

The bounty rewards will be paid in two weeks after September 30, 2018.

They will be split among the bounty members in each of the 2 sections listed below according to the following categories:

Promotional BountyBug Bounty

You must have been completed one or several of the requirements described below to participate in the bounty campaign (you could participate in several bounty campaigns).

You were not allowed to delete the posts, reposts or retweets, remove the likes or favorites or otherwise undo the requirements listed below during the campaign in order to remain eligible for bounty rewards.

The reward tokens will be transferred to ETH wallets of bounty campaign members in October, 2018. The tokens will be distributed proportionally to the category and the members’ stakes held in each category.

Rules of Bounty Rewards Campaign

Each member must comply with the rules listed in this section to be eligible for the bounty rewards campaign.

A campaign member’s Bitcointalk account must have a positive trust rating.You agree not to remove, delete or otherwise undo any threads, posts, articles, forum signatures or any other content or changes listed in the participation requirements until September 30, 2018 in order to remain eligible for bounty rewards.

Aworker Bounty Campaign at Bitcointalk

If you have any questions about bounty campaign, please, leave it here.