The Bancor Wallet is now LIVEHello Wallet

The day has come! We have officially released Bancor’s native wallet, enabling users to buy, store and manage any ERC20 token and offering built-in access to token conversions with instant on-chain settlement between any token on the Bancor Network.

Driven by design and built with simplicity in mind, the new wallet (along with Bancor’s new fiat-to-crypto integration via credit card) makes Bancor an end-to-end decentralized solution for frictionless, on-demand access to tokens.

New users can create a Bancor Wallet using their Telegram, WeChat or Messenger account, and import any existing ERC20 wallet to start converting instantly.

Bancor users who previously created a profile on Bancor now have automatic access to the new wallet. As with all conversions on the Bancor Network, there are no spreads, no deposits and no withdrawal fees when exporting tokens.

Try it now!