Bancor Progress Update

January 22, 2018

Happy 2018!

The last few weeks have been big for the crypto industry and specifically for Bancor. We've made great strides in product, expanded our network significantly and are starting to witness the beginnings of our 'hockey stick' growth. Here's the latest:

Network Update: 28 Active Tokens!

18 new tokens have integrated the open source Bancor Protocol bringing the total number of active tokens in the Bancor Network to 28! That means the worlds first decentralized liquidity network now allows for instant liquidity and on-chain conversion between 28 different tokens! We’re honored to have the early support of some of the coolest projects in the industry:

Kin (KIN) Storm (STORM) Decentraland (MANA) Goldmint (MNTP) WAX Token (WAX) DragonChain (DRGN) Sirin Labs (SRN) Edgeless (EDG) Binance (BNB) BitClave (CAT) iExec (RLC) WeTrust (TRST) Wings (WINGS) Sense (SENSE) Tokenbox (TBX) (TIO) WOLK (WLK) Dai (DAI)
Launching a Token?

If you’re launching a new ERC20 token or have an existing one, contact us to learn more about the Bancor Protocol for continuous, on-chain liquidity. [email protected]

Product Update

While last month was focused on overcoming limitations and growing pains in the Ethereum blockchain, we spent this month giving our Web App a new look for usability. The new ‘Discover Page’ has been redesigned with a focus on the tokens in the Bancor Network and seamless conversions. You can now easily see the price and a 7 day graph of every member in the network. Additionally, we made the Buy and Sell buttons prominent and easily accessible from the homepage. We hope this new design enables users to more efficiently understand and use the network.

Other updates you may have noticed:

New ‘Express Widget’ under the header to easily convert between all tokensLogged in users can select their display currency in $,€ or ETHNew looks for our embeddable Bancor Network widget Community Update

After a thorough internal and external review process, we are beginning to formalize the language and documentation around the Bancor Protocol and Network. Check out this new terminology which you’ll soon see disseminated throughout the literature and product:

Liquid Tokens — hold one or more connected tokens, with a combined connector weight of less than 100% (and usually less than 20%) — This configuration is the most efficient way for new tokens to connect to the Bancor Network and benefit from continuous liquidity and unlimited supply without dilution. These were formerly called simply Smart Tokens.

Proxy Tokens — hold one connected token with a connector weight of exactly 100% — This configuration effectively mirrors another token or asset.

Relay Tokens — hold two connected tokens (BNT and another), with a combined connector weight of exactly 100% — This configuration allows existing standard ERC20 tokens to connect to the Bancor Network via BNT as a conversion conduit. Today, Relay Tokens are uniformly set at 50%/50% weights for each connector, but in a future upgrade, these will be configurable and also dynamic.

Array Tokens — hold three or more connected tokens, with a combined connector weight of exactly 100% — This configuration allows for a blend of a variety tokens which can have various attributes.

New Whitepaper

The Bancor Protocol whitepaper has been rewritten to reflect new terminology and also more comprehensive explanations of the Bancor Formula mechanic, use cases, and more. Let us know what you think!

Read the new updated whitepaper.

Tutorial: How to use the Bancor Web App

By popular request, we have created a tutorial walking users through purchasing and converting tokens on the Bancor Network using any Web3 wallet. If you have ANY questions about using our app please go through this tutorial and let us know if you have any questions along the way.

Women’s Day Bounty Contest, March 8

Over $8k was raised in the Charity Stars blockchain auction and we’re eager to share this with our community. We are running a special bounty in honor of International Women’s Day that will reward an inspirational female leader and her nominator.

Click here to start nominating.


Events continue to be one of the best ways for the team to stay up on the latest, meet other great folks in the industry and spread the word about the Bancor Network. Next month we’re planning to be at:

Dev Week, Oakland, California (Feb 5, 2018)Satoshi Roundtable, Cancun, Mexico (Feb 5, 2018)IFZ FinTech Conference, Zug, Switzerland (Feb 28, 2018)Virtual Blockchain Summit, Online (March 1, 2018) From the Media

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Things are heating up as the network begins to take shape, the front-end UX comes together and the Bancor team grows to increase capacity for what’s ahead. Some exciting things on horizon include the launch of the Bancor Wallet, a long list of usability features in the Web App, big partnership announcements and some very special events coming to a city near you. Stay tuned to our channels for the latest, and as always, reach out to us with anything that’s on your mind. We’d love to hear what you’d love to hear :)

To liquidity and beyond,

The Bancor team