Betex - Update on bounty campaign rewards

Dear bounty campaign participants!  We want to thank everyone of you for the time you’ve spent and for your help.  At the moment our team is focused on the platform and soonest full launch, so all token holders will start making profits.

Because of a big amount of bounty campaign participants (more than 40,000 applications) and a lot of objections, we can’t just send rewards manually, therefore we’ve had to automatize the process for everyone’s benefit. We understand your worries, but we kindly ask for more patience. We are working on the option to start all automatic bounty payouts from the 20 of May. There will be an e-mail verification, no KYC. 
Soon we will announce more news regarding its work. 
Thank you for your patience, your help and your interest in Betex.
Kind regards,
Betex Team