Komodo Platform will be attending M2020EU in Copenhagen.

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We are attending Europe's largest FinTech event in Copenhagen. The conference will last three days, and we have reserved a large booth where we can engage the biggest players in finance.

Indeed, Komodo is a financial platform, and we have a lot to offer. Today's financial world is regulated by the laws and regulations that the jurisdictions around the world enforce, but we are creating a different kind of financial world. We could say that we have a self-regulating financial platform.

Money2020 is our biggest conference so far, and it is not only about blockchain but rather about financial technology in general. We will use this opportunity to inform the whole financial sector about our technology. Our team is confident that we can use this chance to open new doors and to make new contacts.

The conference will last from June 26th to 28th. If you are there, be sure to stop by and say hello.


We are a two-star sponsor, and that gave us the privilege to reserve a bigger booth and to send more team members. In total there are four of us, and we are flying to Copenhagen on Sunday. We are all very excited about the coming week.

Ca333 is our security expert and developer. He has a deeper technical understanding about SuperNET and Komodo Platform. He is excited to take part in yet another conference. Alice is a SuperNET ambassador who's helping us in various ways. She understands our vision and technology and will be a great help when we are communicating with the people we meet. Audo is a marketing and content manager. He is mainly involved with Komodo Platform and is looking forward to explaining the vision for anyone who's interested. PTYtrader is a Komodo notary node operator and a support person in our team. He's been very involved in Komodo since the ICO and is now looking to share his enthusiasm in the conference. Here is what is happening on social media. Help our efforts on Twitter and tweet about #Komodo, #SuperNET, and #M2020EU.