Blackmoon (BMC): The First In History Token Based On Xiaomi IPO & Three New Crypto Funds For “Volatile’ Strategies

Blackmoon has made Blockchain history. We are proud to announce that crypto investors will soon have the opportunity to participate in the performance of Xiaomi IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange.

Blackmoon is the first company in the history to tokenize an IPO in this way and it and allows cryptocurrency investors and users access to the Xiaomi Corporation IPO. The decision behind the launch of the token was loyal to Oleg’s vision to promote a relevant product at the right time and place. Excitement about the launch is high and have already caught attention of some of the most trusted media outlets such as the Financial Times.

So why the excitement many asked? “Well it’s quite simple.” Oleg Seydak answered reporters. “Historically participation in an IPO has generally been a prerogative of institutional traders, but now with the democratization of the the market and availability of new tools it has become available for everyone. We have provided cryptocurrency holders the option to participate in the performance of Xiaomi stocks without leaving the blockchain universe, and this is what Blackmoon has been all about from the start, ” he concluded.

Xiaomi Corporation is an innovation-driven internet company with the aim to create “amazing” user-friendly products at accessible prices. Originated in China in 2010 by an outstanding team of engineers and designers, the company became the world’s fourth-largest smartphone company and the number one smartphone company in India. The company offers a broad range of hardware designed in-house and in collaboration with the partners, including smartphones, TVs and other smart devices connected by the IoT platform. More and more people all over the world are replacing their smartphones with Xiaomi because of the good “price-quality” correlation and the nice design.

Xiaomi had revenue in the amount of approx: $17bn in 2017 which represented +67% growth comparing to 2016 year.

More information on the specs and advantages of the BMxXMI token:

- The Token will be be available for purchase with major cryptocurrencies: BTC, ETH and LTC

- Tokens will be available for buyback to the platform in exchange for ETH shortly after the IPO despite the 93 days lockup on shares according to Xiaomi IPO terms. This is possible by applying short trading and forward contracts which allow the platform to fix the value of the asset and buyback tokens at current price of shares.

- On the back end of the process, Blackmoon will hold the whole amount of tokens in its brokers account and hedge all its positions by the real underlying assets.”

Blackmoon introduces its first set of Crypto Tokens

In short, this is our answer to the current market trends and needs. We mentioned in the last digest that even though we kicked off the platform with straight forward “vanilla funds”, we realised that today the crypto investor is craving for another type of funds; a more liquid sort with greater return opportunities and more volatility. Enter Blackmoon’s first set of crypto funds.

The first set of crypto funds follow three different strategies. Bellow is a brief description of each of the tokens. Let’s start with the token with the most “volatile’ strategy — for some maybe the most exciting.

1. The BMx1DV Token — One Day Most Volatile Strategy

One Day Most Volatile Strategy is focused on delivering alpha to BTC by tracking those coins that have had the largest volatility during the previous 24 hour period. The core objective of the strategy is to generate the returns corresponding to the yield of the crypto assets with the largest volatility. The portfolio will contain max 20 min 5 positions.

2. The BMxT20 Token — Top 20 Market Cap Strategy

Top 20 Market Cap Monthly Strategy is focused to deliver alpha to BTC by tracking those coins that have had the largest market capitalization in the previous three month period. The core objective of the strategy is to generate the returns corresponding to the yield of the cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalization.

3. The BMxDDR Daily Delta Rebalancing Strategy

Daily Delta Rebalancing Strategy is focused on delivering alpha to BTC by adjusting the basket of the top 6 market-cap of coins and cash. The core objective of the strategy is to generate the returns corresponding to the yield of the top 6 cryptocurrencies with the largest capitalization providing downside risk protection by dynamically allocating portfolio between cash in crypto.

Other highlights from the digest

1. Secondary market and EU licensing. The regulators understood our business model and they did not object to our suggested timelines of licensing

2. New team members. +2 new full stack developers

3. Marketing: Blackmoon events in May and media mentions

Thank you so much!

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