New Official Website of BlockCDN Will be Released

In order to provide users a quality experience, we officially launched BlockCDN’s new official website.

About BlockCDN

BlockCDN is a project of the Blockchain Global Development Foundation (BGDF). BLOCKCDN is a distributed CDN (Content Delivery Network) system based on Ethereum smart contract. The system sets the CDN mining, smart contract settlement and CDN trading market in one. Through chain work and online checkout, BLOCKCDN calls on global network participants to share their idle devices (such as PC, routers, TV boxes, mobile phones) and provide upload traffic making Internet acceleration nodes ubiquitous. Based on Ethereum smart contract system, BLOCKCDN will not only allow users of unused broadband to share idle network devices and upload traffic then getting higher benefits without adding additional inputs, but provide cheaper, multi-nodes, and faster distributed CDN services [1] for those websites that need to speed up.

Let’s have a look on the new official website.

Visual Experience

BlockCDN’s new website changed the overall style, changing the main tone to technical black and increased the dynamic effect and interaction, giving people a cool visual sense while enhancing the interactive experience.

Integrated Page

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