As mentioned in our ICO ANNOUNCEMENT we set aside 2% of the total amount raised for our bounty campaign, which we will distribute to everyone who supported Hive Project before and during the ICO.

IMPORTANT: We will contact you within the next 48 hours about your bounty claim. (DO NOT SEND US ANYTHING UNTIL WE CONTACT YOU!)

Since we wanted to reward only SERIOUS supporters, we carried out several activities including the elimination of all spam and obvious misuses of our campaign, such as multiple accounts, and filtered out any non-relevant content or posts.

We have now completed a thorough analysis of the thousands of applications received and filtered out those that did not meet our criteria for bounty payments to be made.

Although many of our applicants followed our instructions perfectly well, we found several examples of one or more failures to do so. For example, some users applied twice or more — we can accept only one application from each bounty participant. In addition, several applicants also either did not have enough real Twitter followers (100 minimum) or had locked accounts. To compound issues, some of our Twitter applicants also did not have a sufficiently high Twitter Audit score (80% minimum).

The situation with some of our Facebook applicants was similar: some failed to share their posts publicly, which meant we could not see them, and others had their profiles limited to a specific region. For our translations bounty, several applicants failed to finish their task, which meant that the most crucial criterion was not met.

There were similar results for blogs and news stories. Either the task was not finished or duplicate applications were submitted. Therefore, understandably, we cannot issue a bounty for those applicants.

However, for those of our participants who did follow the rules clearly set out at the start of our ICO, thank you! We are delighted to reward you for all your hard work and commitment!

We will contact you through the channel you have helped us with in our campaign. So keep an eye out for our private messages on Facebook and Twitter. If you participated through a different channel, we will send you an email to the address you provided when applying to join our campaign.

Write to us ([email protected]) ONLY if you don´t receive a message in the next 48 hours!!