Community Update — June 8, 2018 Expanding the feature set of Tabby Pay. 💻

In case you missed it, last week we announced our next smart contract, Tabby Rewards, which was met with a fair bit of enthusiasm from our community.

While we’re excited about this next dApp, we’re equally as excited about the continued attention that our first smart contract, Tabby Pay, has been getting.

After we attended Consensus 2018, we alluded to a few potential partnership possibilities after meeting with the various teams in attendance. One partnership in particular we’re working on requires us to add some additional features to Tabby Pay before we can integrate our services.

Therefore, we’re going to be assigning some of our resources back towards Tabby Pay in order to add the functionality we need to be successful.

Two new features coming to Tabby Pay. 1. Tabby Pay: ERC20 Tokens

We’re confident in what Tabby Pay has to offer for those who are sending ETH payments to one another, but it would be even more beneficial if you could use our dApp to send/receive any ERC20 token.

This is something we’re really excited about, as it expands the potential uses of Tabby Pay substantially.

2. Tabby Pay: Payment in CAT

Another piece of feedback we received was how the CAT token was used to get a discount on ETH fees, instead of utilizing CAT as a payment method.

We’ve made the decision to change this. Instead of getting a discount for having CAT in your wallet, you will instead pay with CAT, which will allow you to get a discount of 50%.

Working in Parallel

Over the next couple weeks we will continue to develop Tabby Rewards in parallel with the continued development of Tabby Pay.

This will allow us to attract a new target market while at the same time opening ourselves up to potentially exciting partnerships in the future.