The Rouge Project Bounty ProgramsBug report bounty program
The project will award RGXB tokens as follow depending of the severity of the bug or problem reported :Typo/spelling mistake on twitter/the website/bitcointalk: 2 RGXB Accepted improvements/suggestions github/the website: 20 RGXB (we reserve the right to disagree with your improvements/suggestions)Bug on the website/github: 100 RGXB (a function/feature is not working as expected) Moderate security bug : 1000 RGXB (the bug could provoke major disruption in the ecosystem or leak non-public information) Severe security bug: 10000 RGBX (the bug could result in financial loss for the project or its users - should be reported privately before a fix is available)

Twitter bounty program

You should have at least 90% real followers, with minimum 40 followers, and a minimum of 6 month old twitter account. Please register first here :

You will be able to check the status of your registration about 24 hours after the submission on our bounty page :

will be no RGXB distribution without prior acceptation of your twitter
account. The conditions (follow, retweet, mention) should stay valid
the end of the bounty campaign (1 week before the RGE crowd sale).

(12 RGXB per follow + 2 RGXB * followers / 50 per retweet, 3 RGXB *
followers / 50 per mention). No more than 1 retweet/mention per day.

The newsletter affiliate program

You can now register any Ethereum address on our bounty page
Doing so will generate affiliate links that you can use anywhere (social media, emails, blog posts, etc).

will receive 10 RGXB tokens for each person who will subscribe our
Newsletter after following your affiliate link (max 100 persons).

Translation bounty program

Languages already taken :

Mirallas   Turkish                   
YouShallNotPass   Filipino
GolumDeMort   Russian
kamvreto   indonesia                    
Aerys2   French                  
Continuous   Portuguese    
Bartolo   Spanish                
qq767178175   Chinese       

translation owner of a language must maintain the target language
announcement up-to-date with the original until the RGE crowd sale
start. He must also report to the Rouge Token team or
the English
thread questions or problems the local language community won't have
been able to answer themselves. Translation owner will have access to
the Rouge Slack Team to coordinate their work with us.

If, your language is still available, please FIRST register with the following form :

More to come : signature, ...

Please keep the discussions about the project itself in the announce thread
and reserve this thread only for questions and comments on the bounty