Get Ready to Wagerr on the World Cup!

The Wagerr Team has been extremely busy over the last few months, and is proud to announce that they are now currently testing both head-to-head betting and on-chain betting on the Wagerr Privatenet, in preparation for the 2018 World Cup!
Wagerr holders can expect to either bet in pairs against each other through matched head to head bets, or directly on the blockchain, which will mediate the collective payout liability. The team’s current sentiment is that on-chain betting is the most feasible starting point for Wagerr betting during the 2018 World Cup.
The Wagerr Team has been working to develop Oracle Masternodes that can contribute to resulting for the World Cup. The Oracle Masternodes function as the central checkpoint to achieve super-consensus on event results, thus triggering proper payouts. The team believes that the best way to deploy the Wagerr betting layer is in a modular fashion. As a result, the first Oracle Masternodes for the World Cup will be centralized, and run by the team.
The scheduled portion of fees generated from Wagerr Network betting, and earned by the centralized Oracles, will initially be distributed to eligible (active) masternodes, rewarding those who have supported the network in its early stage.
It's also worth noting at this point that CEO David Mah has been in negotiations to license Wagerr (the company) as a regulated gaming business. It is a lengthy process, but one that Wagerr is proud to embark on. This move intelligently positions Wagerr to raise its profile within the current online gaming industry while rolling out a fully decentralized system. This will not negatively impact the ability of any user, in any location, to interact with the blockchain.
The next few months will be a very exciting time for the Wagerr Community! The weather is heating up, and so is the Wagerr Network! The team has been working very hard on development, exchange negotiations are ongoing, the team has entered discussions regarding future partnerships that could be beneficial for both Wagerr users & the Wagerr Network as a whole, and the team has been solidifying their marketing plans in anticipation of the World Cup and the start of betting on the Wagerr Blockchain! Stay tuned to & Wagerr's numerous social media channels for many more exciting announcements over the next few months.
Betting belongs on the Blockchain... And that’s exactly what the team intends to make possible for the 2018 World Cup!
--- The Wagerr Team