CoinDash (CDT) Loyalty Program

Hello CoinDashers,

CDT tokens distribution is just around the corner in the meanwhile, we are excited to present you the CoinDash Loyalty program.

Each one of the CoinDash token sale participants can earn CDTs by holding them for a period of 3 months or more. The program rules are straightforward; All you have to do is hold your CDT tokens in the address used during the token sale and link the same address to your CoinDash account. Keeping the original amount of tokens in your wallet will entitle you to a bonus from the Loyalty program token pool:

*The longer you hold your tokens the more CDT you will be able to receive

**The larger the CDT amount you hold, the bigger your stake will be in the CDT pool

The CoinDash Loyalty program in details

The participation in the Loyalty program is available only to participants of the CoinDash token sale. In order to qualify, make sure you keep the full amount of CDTs in the wallet address used during the CoinDash Token sale.

The program has 3 accumulative time slots according to which participants can gain rewards. Each time slot lasts 3 months starting instantly after the upcoming distribution date. The exact slot dates will be announced after the distribution of the tokens is completed.

The program rewards a total of 15,000,000 CDT. During the course of each time slot 5,000,000 CDTs will be distributed between all participants. The pool will be distributed to all of the participants according to the CDT amount in your wallet, the larger the amount, the bigger your stake in the pool will be.

After the first time slot rewards will be distributed, participants can either move their tokens elsewhere or continue with the program for additional 3 months, the number of participants will probably decrease over time, effectively granting bigger rewards for the most loyal contributors.

As no real lock is placed, all participants can choose to move their tokens between addresses at any point, however, doing so will effectively mean they are forfeiting their CDT rewards and can no longer participate in the loyalty program. No proportional rewards will be granted for partial periods.

In order to participate in the program all users are required to link their address to the CoinDash platform where they can monitor their CDTs as well as the rest of their portfolio.

After receiving many suggestions from our community, we have decided to allow short and long term participation, dividing the payout into 3 time slots, benefiting those who will hold their CDT for longer periods of time.

We overcame quite a few challenges in the last couple of days with many more obstacles down the road, the token distribution will mark a new beginning for CoinDash. The Loyalty program is a step forward that we are taking with those of you who dreamed with us before and still put their faith in CoinDash. As always, we are looking forward to creating the future of trading.

-CoinDash Team