Paycent (PYN) Bounty Programme Details of Bounty Programme The bounty pot will be split according to points accumulated pro-rata among the participants.Every bounty supporter needs to register on our online sheet, see below.Following the ICO, all stakes data will be calculated, whereupon the winners and bounties will be officially announced. Participants will be asked to send their ETH wallet addresses (e.g. to our email address to claim their bounty.A maximum of 450,000 ETH is set as our upper limit, 1% of this will be used for the bounty campaign. If this amount is raised before the closing date of our token sale, we will stop the sale. If the amount is less than the maximum, the ratio will apply to the amount raised.” A bounty pot of 4,500,000 PYN tokens or almost 2.12M USD (as of 13-Sept-2017, ETH to USD conversion) will be distributed among different channels. Channels Twitter – 20% (900,000 PYN tokens)Facebook – 10% (450,000 PYN tokens) Bitcointalk signatures – 20% (900,000 PYN tokens)Bitcointalk translations and moderation – 5% (225,000 PYN tokens)Youtube – 15% (675,000 PYN tokens) Blog – 15% (675,000 PYN tokens) Translation of Whitepaper and other documents – 10% (450,000 PYN tokens)Newsletter subscriptions – 5% (225,000 PYN tokens) Requirements for Twitter – 20%

Each of Paycent’s ICO tweets can only be retweeted and commented once for points. This means up to two actions per tweet are rewarded with points.

Follow our official Twitter account: @PaycentGlobalRetweet or Reply positive comment with hashtags to our ICO tweetsEach tweet has to contain at least 2 out of the 3 official hashtags: #Paycent #PaycentICO #PaycentosThe retweet/comment has to remain posted for at least 1 month after the end of the campaign.The number of points earned depends on the number of followers the account has: 0 – 99 followers: 1 Point 100 – 500 followers: 2.5 Points 500 – 1000 followers: 5 Points 1001 – 1500 followers: 7.5 Points 1500 – 2000 followers: 10 Points 2001 – 2500 followers: 25 Points 2500 – 5000 followers: 60 Points 5001 + followers: 100 Points Requirements for Facebook – 10%

Like our Facebook page for your stakes to count.

Must have at least 50 number of friends/followers.

Every ICO post (text / image / video / link) like: 10 stakes/pointsComment (at least 30 characters per comment): 20 stakes/points Public share of an ICO post: 30 stakes (must be “share now” or “share to friends”)

Every week we will randomly select 10 bounty participants and check their “sharing” type. If their share is “private”, “single person” or any other, the participant in question will not receive any bounty rewards.

To determine your Facebook bounty stakes, Paycent needs permission to review your Timeline posts. No personal data will be stored or shared with third parties.

No personal data will be stored or shared with third parties.

Bitcointalk signatures – 20%

Rewarding community members who use our tagline as their signature on Bitcoin talk forum.


[center]Paycent|Pre-ICO: October 12, 2017[/center]


[center]Paycent|[url=<a href="]LINK"></a> TO DISCUSSION[/url]|Pre-ICO:October 12, 2017[/center]


[center][][size=16pt][font=Arial][color=black][b]Paycent[/b][/color][/font][/size][/url] [color=black][size=13pt]BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CRYPTOCURRENCY AND FIAT [/size] [url=][color=#df1e2b]WHITEPAPER[/color][/url][color=#000] | [/color][url=<a href="][color=#000][b]LINK"></a> TO DISCUSSION[/b][/url] |[color=#df1e2b] Pre-ICO: October 12, 2017[/color][/center]


[center][table][tr][td][size=5pt] [/size][b][font=Arial] [size=14pt][color=#0b334b]BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CRYPTOCURRENCY [/color][color=#f9c230]AND [/color] [color=#0b334b]FIAT [/color][/size][/font] [/b][/td] [td][size=14pt][][color=black]  P A Y C E N T   [/color][/url][/size][/td] [td][size=5pt] [/size] [b][url=][color=#f9c230]WHITEPAPER[/url][color=#0b334b] | [/color][url=<a href="][color=#0b334b]LINK"></a> TO DISCUSSION[/url][/b] [size=3pt] [/size][color=#0b334b][size=13pt][glow=#f9c230,1,1] Pre-ICO October 12, 2017 [/glow][/size][/color][/td][/tr][/table][/center]


[center][table][tr][td][size=23pt]  [/size][b][font=Arial][size=12pt][color=#0b334b]BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CRYPTOCURRENCY [/color][color=#f9c230]AND [/color] [color=#0b334b]FIAT   [/color][/size][/font] [/size][b][url=][color=#f9c230]WHITEPAPER[/url][color=#0b334b] | [/color][url=<a href="][color=#0b334b]LINK"></a> TO DISCUSSION[/url][/b] [size=3pt] [/size][color=#0b334b][size=13pt][glow=#f9c230,1,1] Pre-ICO October 12, 2017 [/glow][/size][/color][/td][/tr][/table][/center]


[center][td][size=5pt] [/size] [b][font=Arial] [size=22pt][color=#0b334b]  BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN CRYPTOCURRENCY [/color][color=#f9c230]AND [/color][color=#0b334b]FIAT [/color][/size][/font] [/b][/td][/center][center][td][size=6pt] [/size] [b][url=][color=#f9c230]WHITEPAPER[/url][color=#0b334b] | [/color][url=<a href="][color=#0b334b]LINK"></a> TO DISCUSSION[/url][/b] Pre-ICO October 12, 2017 [/td][/center]

Bonuses for rank:

Newbie: +1 point per week Junior member: +1 point per week Member: +2 points per week Full member: +4 points per week Senior Member: +6 points per week Legendary/Hero member: +8 points per week

Each user earns +1 point per post with the signature. To qualify, you must make at least 10 constructive posts per week.

Bitcointalk translations and moderations – 5%

Required to contact us to register interest for this.

5% of the total bounty pool will be distributed to community members who translate and moderate our original post at Bitcointalk and act as moderators.

Moderators answer inquiries from community members and keep the post alive.

Paycent support team is permanently available to answer requests from moderators.

Point reward for translating and moderating ANN thread: 100 points Point reward for translating and moderating BOUNTY thread: 50 points

Youtube – 15%

Interested user needs to pre-register with us first.

15% of the total bounty pot will be distributed to Youtube ambassadors.

Every Youtube channel with at least 500 subscribers has a chance to earn points in the campaign.

Each unique video posted can only earn points once.


The video is at least 2 minutes longPositive message about the projectIt is posted at least 1 week before the actual token sale and remains posted after the campaign for at least 1 month.

Points system: 500 – 2,000 subscribers: 10 points 2,000 – 5,000 subscribers: 50 points 5,000 – 10,000 subscribers: 200 points 10,000 – 30,000 subscribers: 500 points 30,000 – 50,000 subscribers: 1000 points 50,000+ subscribers: 2000 points

Blog – 15%

In order for a blog post to qualify:

It must be at least 200 wordsNeeds to contain the link to our ICO website at least twicePresent unique analysis/opinion of the project, as opposed to repost/translation.Remain published at least 1 month after the end of the coin sale.

Point reward for every blog post: 100 points

Translation – 10%

10% of the bounty pot will be distributed to other translations.

If our Bitcointalk post has not been translated into your language yet, we encourage you to contribute with your own translation and earn points in return.

Please contact us at [email protected] to confirm and reserve your translation. You will receive additional points for each post you get in the thread of your translation.

Points for translation and moderators are given as follows:

Whitepaper: 150 pointsVideo subtitles: 15 points Newsletter subscription – 5%

ICO pre-sale details will be announced exclusively via email, giving community members access to discounts up to 30%.

On top of that, we are also distributing 5% of the total bounty pot among newsletters subscribers.

To qualify, simply sign up to our newsletter at Paycent ICO website.