How to Mine with Giga Watt

Here, we will take you through the simple the process of mining at the Giga Watt Mining facility.

First, you purchase the equipment. It is then delivered to Giga Watt’s mining pods for deployment. Once the miners have been set up and installed, you will receive an email notification.

To get started, log in to

You should see the platform’s main dashboard:

In the upper section of the dashboard, you’ll see the income statistics block:

The dashboard allows you to view statistics in increments of 24 hours, 1 month, 1 year and over the lifetime of the account.

You can find the income calculator below the statistics time intervals button:

Please note, the system calculates how much the user has earned from mining over a chosen period of time. This amount is listed in dollars according to the Kraken exchange rate. The system allows you to see hosting expenditures according to your WTT token status. The system works in real time, and the numbers on your calculator will update automatically.

Below the calculator you will find two blocks: “Mining” and “Hosting”

The “Mining” block includes information about the available mining hardware. In our case, it’s 5 Pandaminers:

The chart in this section shows the miners currently online and working. Here we can see that all 5 Pandaminer B3+ are online hashing.

The system shows that equipment associated with Panda Miner B3 Plus is working at 100% capacity.

In this same section, you can view the serial numbers of your equipment, start dates, actual power consumption and hash rate. To view this, you’ll need to click on the circular chart under mining:

Here, you can order new Giga Watt equipment to be installed by clicking “Buy miners”:

You will then be taken directly to the website where you can order equipment for mining at Giga Watt.

In the “Hosting” block you can find the number of working miners, total energy consumption, and the user’s amount of WTT tokens.

And that’s it. It’s kinda easy, isn’t it?

All that’s left to do is log in to the wallet of the cryptocurrency that is being mined by your equipment, in our case, Ethereum:

Here, you can see the history of mining rewards that you earn throughout the mining process; the data is updated every 3–4 hours. You can also see hosting charges that occur every hour.

As we’ve seen, Giga Watt’s mining process is simple and transparent.

If you have any questions, please contact tech support at Giga Watt. We hope you have a fruitful experience working with Giga Watt!