Announcing the Indorse migration from Slack to Rocket Chat

Indorse will be migrating our community communications platform to Rocket Chat, an open source messaging platform. We are making this move along with other well known ethereum projects such as Aragon, Golem, OmiseGO, Decentraland and others.

This is a joint effort by different projects participating in the migration plan. Projects came together as members of the same ecosystem and community to work on this plan to find an alternative that fits the needs of cryptocurrency projects.

Projects that will be migrating together as a part of this effort are:


With the ongoing slack scams and refusal of slack to address the problem, we, at Indorse, have been looking for alternatives. Based on our evaluation of various products, Rocket Chat seems to be the best option.

What’s Next

We plan to migrate to rocket chat over the next couple of weeks. Till then:

If you get ANY Slackbot or a Direct Message from ANYONE regarding Pre-Sale or Token Sale, *IGNORE* it. No one from Indorse will send you any ETH or BTC address on Slack.

Do NOT click on any Myetherwallet link you get through Direct Message or Slackbot. That’s definitely a scam.

Also, please note that Airdrop recipients do not need to do anything to receive the IND tokens. Please ignore any slackbot or other posts asking you for your private keys. We will never ask for your private keys.

Don’t fall prey, be careful. Stay safe!