Dev Diary #12

Hello again to another Dev Diary. Today we will discuss about the changed verification system included into the Blocklancer platform.

Previously everyone who planned to participate in the THT had to make a transaction to verify his LNC ownership. Now it is possible to verify the account by signing a message via MetaMask or MyEtherWallet (Which doesn’t costs any fees -> its completely free). Further it is still possible to verify the account by making a transaction (currently ~$0.05 Ethereum Fees) using any wallet available (Mist, Parity …).

Blocklancer Wallet

In the screenshot above you can see the new options available below of the address which is currently assigned to this Blocklancer account. To verify your address using MetaMask you only need to press the “Verify using MetaMask” button to open a new window there you only need to click the “sign” button to complete the process.

Metamask signing interface

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