BOScoin Fundraiser Starts Now! BOScoin: Self-Evolving Cryptocurrency Platform

The BOScoin Fundraiser Event has officially started! The Fundraiser starts from May 10th, 2017 (GMT) and ends on June 20th, 2017 (lasts for 41 days).

Overall 276,093,688.786 BOScoins will be distributed. The exchange rate is 1 Bitcoin = 40,000 BOScoin.

We only accept Bitcoin. The minimum contribution amount is 0.01 BTC. The maximum contribution amount is 300 BTC.

When participating in the BOScoin Fundraiser you’re agreeing to the Terms and Conditions.

Join the BOScoin Fundraiser by registering at the link below.

If you’re not sure how to participate in the BOScoin Fundraiser, please talk to our customer support team via the chatting widget (bottom-right corner) on the BOScoin website (

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