Weekly Development Update News and updates from Bounty0x development

In case you missed our last weekly updatewe announced new partnerships, and plans for District0x integration. This week we are announcing among other things our token allocation, explainer video, and upcoming poll for determining main contribution period date.

This week Bounty0x is proud to announce 1.8k telegram users, and a full pre and main contribution period whitelist. Bounty0x has empowered the telegram community to vote to decide how the upcoming token contribution period should be structured.

Presale Contribution Period is live

The Bounty0x presale contribution period is live. View our pre-sale contribution guide here, and visitBounty0x.io to contribute.

Bounty0x Explainer Video

The Bounty0x explainer video is live and is available to view here. Thanks to Jon Mayo Buttry of JCB Motion and Shooter Jennings.

Bounty0x Series on Transparency

Bounty0x has posted as statement which addresses some community questions regarding Bounty0x commitment to transparency in the cryptocurrency space.

Community vote on Bounty0x token allocation and main contribution period dates

Bounty0x has engaged the telegram community to vote in order to decide which token allocation model to follow for the upcoming contribution period. A $1.75mln total hard cap and December 15th for the main sale date where the most voted on options.

More details on the poll here.

Bounty0x Speaking at East Meets West Blockchain Conference

Bounty0x will be speaking at the East Meets West Blockchain Conference in Silicon Valley, together with Kyber, District0x, WeTrust and many more! The conference is on December 10 and we invite all of you for a beer after the event. More info here:https://www.eventbrite.com/e/east-west-blockchain-conference-tickets-39306344334

New features and bug fixes on the Alpha platform

- Pre-Sale contracts finalised - bounty0x.io prepared for Pre-Sale - API upgrades and microservices architecture adopted - UI changes to improve performance - Password recoverability wrapped up awaiting deployment post Pre-Sale - External bounties support - Re-skin of alpha commenced with Griflan

New Bounty0x hire

Bounty0x has hired Matt Aaron to interface with clients and manage the onboarding process.

Bounty0x Integration on District0x

In the next week or so, Bounty0x will be enabling DNT holders to stake their DNT and vote on Bounty0x governance proposals, by making use of the vote.district0x.io voting dapp.

Bounty0x in the Press and News

Smith + Crown






Crypto Economy






The Cryptonomatron


Upcoming Dates

Bounty0x (BNTY) Pre-sale — November 20th at 15:00 CET. Full guide here.

Bounty0x (BNTY) Main-sale — December 15th at 15:00 CET. Full guide ready soon.

East Meets West Blockchain Conference — December 10, 2017 in San Francisco


(1) Copywriter

Bounty0x is currently hiring a great copywriter. If you, or someone you know, is interested, send us an email [email protected]

(2) Back End Developer

We are hiring an experienced Java Developer.

- Experience with REST API development

- Experience with Apache Camel

- Experience with Apache ActiveMQ

- Experience with Spring/SpringBoot

- Experience with SQL, Postgres in particular

- Experience with Mockito/Junit

- Ideally exposure to web3j

- Exposure to Blockchain and SmartContracts(Solidity)

- Exposure to Golang/NodeJS is beneficial

We are always seeking new talent. If you or someone you know is interested in assisting with the development of Bounty0x feel free to send us an email [email protected]

If you would like to partner with Bounty0x, or post your bounty campaign on the alpha platform, don’t hesitate getting in touch with us.

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