Bpay Token Sale FAQ


We’ve got a lot of questions during the Pre-Sale stage, so today we will discuss them together at one place. These are FAQ for the Token Sale that is going till the 15th May, so please be attentive.

Could we describe our business model and give a slogan? Our slogan is “Any money for any people in any time!”. You will be able to use our platform even for offline trades. Also our goal is to have a maximum possible pool of the cryptocurrency that could be to use our product. We want to make cryptocurrency available in everyday life!Why should you choose this platform? Because our commission will be 0.2 % and we will have the financial license for worldwide payments. Also we created the system that will be available not only for online but also for the offline tradings!Who is the system made for? Anyone who wants to use cryptocurrency in a daily life, but also: - Online stores  - Offline service centers - Delivery services - Offline sales outletsHow do the payments work? For more concrete information see our video tutorial .What about benefits that the project suggests? Benefits for Seller:  - Acceptance of a maximum pool of cryptocurrencies - Protection against market volatility - Protection against fraud - Funds withdrawal to personal cryptocurrency account - Funds withdrawal to your personal bank account within 24 hours - 24/7 Support Benefits for Buyer:  - 0,2% commission on purchase - Payments in your currency are accepted on thousands of websites - Payments in your currency are accepted on thousands of offline sales outlets - 24/7 Support - Money-back guarantee through the “Buyer Protection” systemWhat jurisdiction do we belong? The office is located in Tallin, Estonia and in Moscow, Russia.How do we provide security? Blockchain provides high level of security, since we work with transaction, this point is very important. We do not need mediation. In non-blockchain platforms you will always have mediation between seller and buyer. Check our White Paper and Road Map.Will we increase the number of working currencies? In 3 months after the ICO we will be able to introduce about 100 currencies for online systems, but after the half of a year — for offline. Bpay Token Sale is LIVE now! Join us following this link

Start date: 17th of April End date: 15th of May  Token Supply: 600 000 000 BUY tokens Token Price: 0.08 USD per token Minimum amount: 50 USD

Also, for your convenient we have written simple instruction to understand how to buy BUY token. Read it in our Medium article.

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