What’s next for BUFF ?

Hi BUFFer’s

Have you been keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions? We won’t blame you if you haven’t. Any kind of plan or promise is usually a work in progress — an evolution of ideas and intentions. Once you start working, new thoughts, opportunities or realities help modify your plans for the future. So where too are we evolving already this year?

Overall, things couldn’t be better or more interesting for us! We recently released a new version of BUFF that was focused on updating the architecture of the app through and through in order to drive quicker growth for our product. Feedback from MVP users leads us to do some redesign and upgrade usability.

This has all been very exciting and rewarding work for us. It’s made us want to focus more and more on the development of the app itself. After all, we’re working on BUFF for all of you, and you deserve a good product.

This also falls into line with our assessment of the current market conditions and several other factors that have brought us to the decision to put the bulk of our efforts into the technical development and progress of BUFF rather than an entire month of ICO operations. We’ll still need to raise funds to fuel our efforts, but this will be geared more towards reaching big investors for the time being.

But don’t you worry, we still intend to live up to all the ideals of transparency we all believe in. So stay tuned for more details about special dates, the status of our ICO and the new roadmap that will be published in the near future.