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1st Okcash Games Contest: Okcash Minecraft Logo Contest! Join and Win with OK

Okcash Games announcement and to coincide with the launch of the Okcash
Minecraft server. We are bringing to you this OK Contest.

The great OKcash Minecraft Logo contest.

What is this you ask?

This coin is built by the people for the people, constantly improving and growing.
this in mind we are having a contest to find who can use our new
minecraft server to create the most kick ass logo for the server and
coin combined.

The contest will be done in 2 parts.

1) First part is the design process.

Timeline: This part of the contest will take place from today, friday 18th of August 2017, right up until wednesday the 23rd of August 2017.

Create a Minecraft inspired Okcash logo on our OK Minecraft dedicated
server. How it looks is completely up to you. Be it a castle be it a
river. Make it anything you want.

2) Second part of the contest.

Thursday and Friday myself (Sorticus), CG฿ and Shbour will sit down and
pick up the top 5 or at most top 10 submitted designs.

Here comes the fun part!

Late Friday 25th of August 2017 we will release on the forums a poll with the top pics.
However we will leave it up to You; The community to decide on the final winners.

Onto the prizes!

We have special prizes for the top 3 winners of this contest.

1st Place:    500 Okcash
2nd Place:   250 Okcash
3rd Place:    100 Okcash


The contest takes place exclusively on the Okcash minecraft server.Every Entry must be submitted in a reply to this https://okcashtalk.org/index.p... Forum thread by Midday on wednesday the 23rd of August.Nothing offensive/racist/inappropriate. We want something fun and exciting to look at!

week we will be giving out lots of information and other surprises over
the OKcash server and minecraft channel ( #minecraft-og ) on Discord ( https://discord.io/ok-minecraf... ). Make sure you keep an eye out!

lots of you join us on the server from today onwards and I look forward
to seeing some of the amazing designs you all come up with.

~ Sorticus (Okcash Games Minecraft GM)