You can join us on our journey by taking part in our ICO on July 25th. Early adopters can get a 30% bonus on their initial investment in the public pre-sale.

The eSports industry is growing at a phenomenal rate, with nearly a doubling of players expected worldwide by 2020. We think this industry is currently like those early Olympic games, full of promise and potential. We want to provide a service that encourages more gamers to treat their sport like marathons. To do this we are implementing a blockchain system in our ICO this month, which you can read more about here.

Joining our 10,000 players is easy. First sign up with us at Yamzu, then create and verify an account. After this, add us on your game client of choice. Once this is done you can create a tournament with us, choose the stakes for entry and join from your game client. Our web servers will then host the competition so you can focus on playing at your highest level.

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