COIN V2 Token Swap Contract Announcement

We’re excited to announce that our COIN Token V2 token smart contract and token swap smart contracts have passed audit and are live!

As mentioned in our previous announcements, we performed an update to our COIN token contract for upgrades that will further the enhance the performance of our protocol. These details including full documentation and a demo can be found here:

COIN V2 AnnouncementCOIN V2 DocumentationCOIN V2 Transfer Function DemoCOIN V2 Token Swap Strategy and Details

Our token swap contract address is now live on our Official Coinvest Website. Please view our token swap guide here to best prepare yourself in advance:

The token swap process is as easy as sending a normal tranaction to another wallet address. The following diagram represents the process visually.

The token holder will need to log into his/her wallet that holds the COIN V1 tokens.The token holder will initiate a transfer (send) of all COIN V1 tokens to the specified token swap address.Upon receipt of the COIN V1 tokens, the token swap contract will disburse the COIN V2 tokens back to the wallet address that initiated the transfer.


It is assumed that the sender has ETH in his / her account to cover the gas fee of the transfer of COIN V1 to the smart contract.

As a reminder, please ensure that:

Your wallet is ERC-20 compatibleYou own the private keys for your walletYou do not send any funds from an exchange address such as Coinbase or Bittrex or those funds will be lostDo not send funds to anyone requesting funds directly on behalf of Coinvest (as our team will never solicit anyone requesting funds)If you send ETH, any other ERC-20 tokens, or any other token besides COIN to the token swap address on the page, you risk losing your tokens forever.

Should you have any questions on the token swap process, please contact: [email protected]

True to our word…

During our token sale, due to technical limitations within the smart contract, we were previously allowed to set the conversion rate to 1100 = 1 ETH, where we had previously communicated that the price was pegged to 1100 COIN at $700. To align with our communication and to make sure that no investor had a price higher than the $0.64 as originally stated, today we have distributed extra COIN to those investors in our token sale who contributed at a price greater than $700 per ETH. Additionally, we have made the first quarterly COIN distributions to our bounty participants. For more information on how to add the COIN V2 token as a custom token in your wallet, please view

We hope that this reinforces to our community that we are always looking to do what is right by our investors, and build some additional trust with our community. This is just one of several actions, including awarding early investors two free trades on our platform, conducting surveys, and providing excellent customer support, to show how much we truly care about our community. We have every intent on making this a successful project and intend on sharing that with our community, to which none of this would be possible without.

Final thank you!

Overall, this marks an important milestone at Coinvest as the enhancements to our protocol and smart contracts bring us a step closer to accomplishing our overall mission. This is just one of many steps we are taking in order to create something truly impactful. Stay tuned for additional announcements and milestones that are planned in both the near and long-term. We truly thank you for your support and we are glad to have you as part of the Coinvest family!

For more information, please visit our website. Should you have any questions, please reach out to us on our Discord.

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