Circuits of Value (Coval) UPDATE 1117


A few updates this month…

Last week we published the Emblem website at We would like to thank Griflan for working with us on this project and bringing our vision to life. Working with them was a great experience and highly recommend them. Of course their work speaks for itself so it should go without saying.

We have plans for adding more content and technical documents. Please subscribe to get updates on Emblem and alerted when a beta program is ready for limited users.

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Pilot Program and Partnership

We have spent time in recent weeks conceptualizing an integration with Lightrail (their sister company is Giftbit). This is potentially an important innovation as it relates to the bridging of fiat based value networks with crypto token and blockchain networks. Our focus is on supporting digital gift cards and other types of consumer currency such as points, credits and promotions within the Emblem app and more broadly on the Coval Platform and Distributed Ledger Network.

An Emblem can contain crypto tokens and arbitrary files and data. It is obvious to us that handling gift card and credit/voucher codes in a seamless way by tightly integrating with Lightrail will have clear benefits for eventual Emblem users. The end goal is to bridge these two worlds together and allow for fiat value to travel as a crypto asset.

The other area of focus with Lightrail is a more standard integration of their APIs and drop-in gift card features for eCommerce stores.

Physical Emblems and Other Collectible Items

As a way to work with Lightrail’s current and forthcoming features and give important feedback to them, we have decided to plan to launch the Emblem Market. Though long-term this market/store will be used (hopefully) more broadly by Emblem users listing products and services that are associated with their Emblems, in the short-term we will focus on using the market ourselves to sell physical items.

We are putting effort into working with great artists and craftsmen to offer a high quality set of items and packages. In some cases, we will also strive to marry the tangible with digital and integrate these items with the Emblem app (via unique codes and serial numbers for example).

The primary item we will offer is a new physical metal coin with unique attributes not seen before in the physical cryptocurrency collectible space. The coins can be used as cold wallets and a key to unlock and redeem offerings that will be discussed at a later time. This coin is in the process of R&D&D (Research, Development, Design).

Other items will be supplemental to the coin for special limited edition package offerings. We hope to have the market and first batch of items available for sale by the end of the first quarter 2018.

The nice thing about this approach is that it allows us to do 3 things.

Collaborate with our partner, LightrailRaise funds for the project in a legal wayExperiment with making functional physical objects and mixing them with software and digital systems Tech Related

Work has continued on Coval Platform and Emblem. We have made a few architectural modifications and also had a few technical hurdles that we are working through related to trustless models (no shock there!). We also are aligned with development of other technologies that we depend on and anticipate some enhancements and bug fixes that will help our product and service be more robust.

We have also done some research and testing for desktop/browser version of Emblem using Remote Browser technology. This could be considered more of an enterprise feature as it relates to extreme security models. The idea here is that both the Emblem web app and Emblem URLs ( would be accessible in application-specific remote browsers. We are talking to the folks at about leveraging a custom version of their Silo Browser for Emblem.

In other news, recently Shannon had this to share:

We’ll try to push out another update before the end of the year in December.

Thanks everyone for your interest, support and feedback. Remember, we have left Slack and our community is now part of the ecosystem. Please join us there. We are not active in any other “chat” networks. We can only handle one, our own, and of course Twitter and Medium.

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