STAR Token Crowdsale Starts on November 1st 2017 at 12am UTC

We are excited to announce the start of the Starbase token crowdsale on November 1st at 12am UTC. After a successful token pre-sale which raised $8M, we are ready to proceed with crowdfunding (with a total hard cap of $10M).

In order to comply with increasingly strict regulatory requirements, efforts had to be made to manually perform KYC/AML verification on investors after the pre-sale, which caused some delays. To streamline this procedure during the crowdsale, Starbase will be using PICOPS ( to perform these KYC/AML checks. A small fee of 0.024 ETH will be charged per new user by PICOPS. The good news for investors is that the minimum buy-in will now be only 0.1 ETH (instead of USD5000 during the pre-sale).

You can verify yourself and your ETH address at PICOPS before the crowdsale. If your ETH address is already verified by PICOPS, you do not have to re-validate. Nonetheless, we are currently adding a feature on our front end for you to check if your address has been verified by PICOPS, in order to eliminate confusion during the crowdsale.

Starbase takes security seriously, which is why our smart contracts related to STAR token as well as for the Starbase contribution period have been fully audited by DLT labs (see blog post for details). The audit on these smart contracts reinforce our confidence that we are on the right track.

The crowdsale will start on Nov 1st 2017 12:00am UTC and last until Nov. 16, 2017 12:00 am UTC

(or until the 10M total hard cap is reached)

· Contributions to be made via the Starbase Crowdsale tool:  more details at

· Bonuses:  1st 20% — 20% bonus  2nd 20% — 15% bonus  3rd 20% — 10% bonus  4th 20% — 5% bonus  5th 20% — 0% bonus

· Minimum buy-in is 0.1 ETH.

· A fee of 0.024 ETH is charged by PICOPS for the KYC/AML procedure for each new user. If your address is already validated by PICOPS, then no fee.

Following the crowdsale:

· Bounty tokens will be awarded one week after the crowdsale is completed.

· The STAR token should be transferable and exchangeable by the end of November, two weeks after the crowdsale is completed.

· Two exchanges (HitBTC and Etherdelta) have already confirmed they will list the STAR token.

Best regards from the Starbase Team.