Starbase Blog & Bitcointalk Bounty Program V 1

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STAR bounty

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Starbase Project announcing its Bounty Program for All Starbase Supporters, Helpers and Contributors, now you will be able to Earn Star Token (STAR) for Doing Activities all over the web, Translating, Writing Articles, Creating Videos, Wearing Signatures on your Profile in Forum.

In this post we will talk 1 STAR as $0.01. !  And all bounty is First-come-first-served basis !

Blog and Media Bounty

if you have a Blog, a Crypto related or a Technology Related News website, You can Participate in Blog Bounty and Can Earn a Solid Reward.

and if you can create a good video using your Video Creation Skills, You can Earn a Solid Reward As Well.

We’ll Pay Equal of 20 $ to 100$ in “STAR” for Each Blog Post Bases of your Blog Post Quality and Website Traffic, and We’ll Pay Equal of 10$ to 25$ in “STAR” Bases of Your Video Quality and Views.


1: A blog Must be in Unique words, must have unique contents, copy pasted contents will not be accepted. 2: We Accept Blogs, in English, Chinese, Russian. for All other languages you must Send your Blog to[email protected] and Get approval. 3: An eligible Blog Post Must contains at least 500 Words(without spaces) to get Accepted. 4: Your Blog Post must contains 2 links of official website: 5: for video bounty your video must be at least 2 minute long. 6: Video must be descriptive and informative about Starbase Project, 7: Video must be Visible in the video sharing site till the end of ICO, any video will get removed due to any reason (copyright etc) will not be counted.

Translation and Local Community Management Bounty

Translate the Official Announcement thread, Whitepaper and Starbase FAQ in your Language, Manage the thread, keep that updated and active and Earn Star Token.

Equal of 25$ to 50$ in “STAR” for Each Quality and Artistic Translation. Equal of 1$ to 5$ in “STAR” for Every New Posts, Updates and Announcement in the Local Thread.

1: Announcement Thread, 2: Whitepaper, 3: FAQ

Download PSD files of ANN Thread: (Link will be updated here)


1:Translation Must be original. using google translator or any other translation tool will cause your submission reject. 2: You must finish Translation within a week of your reserving that translation. 3: Translators must be able to Manage their local threads with Posting all Important Announcements, Updates, News from the Main thread. and Answer other users’s questions and Support.

Interested Translators PM @jamalaezaz in bitcointalk or Slack to Reserve their Spot.

Signature and Avatar Campaign:

You can Now earn “STAR” by Joining signature and Avatar Campaign at Bitcointalk forum by wearing signature and Avatar to your profile.

Earn Equal of 100$ in “STAR” Wearing the Signature/Avatar of Starbase During whole campaign Period..

Payment will be in the Following Ratio: (Per Month)

Jr Member: Equal of 25$ in “STAR” Member: equal of 30$ in “STAR” Full Member: Equal of 50$ in “STAR” Sr Member: Equal of 75$ in “STAR” Hero/Legendary: Equal of 100$ in “STAR” Full member and Above can earn additional 10$ Wearing Avatar.


1: Users are not allowed to remove the signature During the campaign period.. removing campaign in that period will be result of No Payment. 2: User must do a minimum of 50 posts. Less than 50 posts will not get paid. 3: Spam, Low Quality and Off topic posts will not be counted for payment. 4: One account Per User. using multiple accounts and cheating the bounty is not allowed, user found to be cheating with any form of bounty will be permanently blacklisted.

Newsletter Subscribers Bounty

Subscribe Newsletter in Official Website by adding your email address , and Earn Equal of 0.5$ In “STAR” for Subscribing the Newsletter.

only one Email Per user. user found to be using multiple emails will be blacklisted and not get bounty payment.


Jamal Aezaz

A Marketing manager of World of Cryptos. Bounty manager of Starbase Project.