Mithril Vault — Your first Cryptocurrency Wallet|秘銀金庫-你的第一個虛擬通貨錢包

Mithril Vault has arrived among great anticipation of the crowd.

It is more than just a tool for withdrawing MITH tokens acquired from social mining. Mithril has a long-term plan in mind for Mithril Vault.

Logo and interface design

At first, we thought a medium to withdraw MITH tokens acquired from social mining is all we need. Considering that Mithril aims to bring more people on board the social mining train, as well as acquaint, comprehend and use cryptocurrencies, the user interface and user experience are tailored to be as simple as possible. The logo design and color pallet brings out a sense of technology, yet hospitable at the same time — diminishing the stiff distance that most blockchain products possess.

In addition, the interface design intentionally avoided overly-fancy designs. Clear and simple 2D images are used, matched with concise lines and buttons for users to easily navigate within and locate the feature they’d like to use, as well as quickly understanding the functionalities. Up until today, Mithril team is delighted to have received feedback from users about how beautiful yet comprehensible the interface design is.

Mithril Vault Features Withdraw

As a tool in response to the demands of social mining, withdrawing tokens is undoubtedly the first step.

For users to operate effortlessly, connecting Mithril Vault with Lit is extremely easy. If you wish to withdraw MITH tokens and wire into other users’ cold/hot wallets.


In addition to withdraw, Mithril Team came to contemplate that: since social mining has introduced most users to cryptocurrencies, then Mithril Vault must be the first cryptocurrency wallet for those users. We understand for beginners, transferring assets to other location can be complex and troublesome. Therefore, “shifting” is created.

“Shifting” enables users to exchange and use MITH tokens acquired from social mining. Compared with the complicated orders on exchange platforms, shifting allows users to exchange MITH tokens at a fair rate with only one click. The first available token is Etheruem, and we also have other currencies in line.


The concept of staking is about rewarding those who believe in Mithril team and enhancing the mechanism of social mining.

As you’ve locked MITH tokens into Mithril Vault through “staking”, your social mining speed will be accelerated depending on the amount you’ve staked.

We’re delighted to see some users posting entries about what they think about staking! We’re currently undergoing a feature update on “staking”, adding some more fun to social mining!

Where Mithril Vault Lies in the Mithril Ecosystem

If you’ve been reading our posts about the Mithril Ecosystem, you must know that we have an ambitious goal to reach.

From acquiring MITH tokens through social mining to the withdraw feature at Mithril Vault, we’re also thinking: as the first ever cryptocurrency wallet for more users, is there anything else that we could do?

From introducing the concept of wallet and asset management, to making payments at actual stores, Mithril hopes to penetrate daily life with the concept of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology through Mithril Vault. Mithril aims to become the most accessible token — easily acquired, used and present. Mithril Vault is the crucial essence of such goal.

The product team of Mithril Vault takes great responsibility in its feasibility and functionality, as well as making cryptocurrency easy-to-use.

We will soon release Mithril Vault’s future development blueprint. Stay tuned!

We look forward to any recommendation from our users!!





一開始的構想,確實只是希望能夠有個能夠提領社交挖礦所獲得的秘銀幣的工具。考慮到秘銀的目標就是希望讓更多人透過社交挖礦接觸、認識、使用虛擬貨幣,金庫從一開始的 UI & UX 設計走的就是極簡風,logo 與色調的設計想要在帶有科技感的同時,卻不像一般區塊鏈公司的產品給人過於生硬的距離感,而能夠予人親近感。


金庫各項功能的誕生 提領


為了讓使用者簡便地使用,金庫與 Lit 的連結方式非常簡單,提款也能使用輕鬆貼上地址,將秘銀幣轉到其他個人冷熱錢包中。