Humaniq Releases 2nd Iteration of Financial Services iOS &  android App

Humaniq has just announced a massive update of its iOS and Android financial services app. The blockchain powered startup, which aims to deliver financial services to two billion unbanked people, released the initial version on March 15th, showing a remarkably fast-paced development cycle. Since release, the Humaniq app has been downloaded over 1000 times, despite being an alpha version only meant for testing and collecting UI feedback from a diverse array of users who are excited to participate in the project.

“When you put together a good development team, then good things tend to happen,” opined Alex Fork, CEO and founder of Humaniq. “We’re working on two tracks right now: UI and backend. For an app that is targeted at a worldwide demographic that speaks more than 2000 languages, making sure the UI is as simple to use as possible while requiring minimal translation, is imperative. To that end, we’ve been receiving extremely helpful feedback from our volunteer testers that will be used in further iterations of the app.”

Humaniq has not announced target dates for the next update, but the innovative startup project has surprised many people with its rapid progress from initial idea to successful pre-ICO, and the seasoned team is now proving their ability to release, test, and refine their software with an exceptionally quick development cycle. Humaniq plans to have a June or July live release in selected locations, with a global rollout slated towards the end of the year.

Humaniq has an ICO planned for April 6–26, with a pre-order fund currently available. The accepted currencies for the ICO will be ETH and BTC, while the pre-order fund is open to bank transfers of any currency.