Weekly Distribution Report — July 31, 2018 Weekly updates on the distribution status of bounty campaigns. Important Announcement

We have recently ran into an issue where hosts are not allocating enough tokens towards their Twitter bounties. These bounties were poorly constructed as the rewards and the max number of submissions did not align with the amount of tokens that were allocated.

As a result, we’ve had to change the reward amount and switch to a staking system in order to ensure everyone gets a fair reward based off their participation. Due to this, all hunters that participated in the bounties below will most likely receive a smaller reward than expected.

Ecomi Twitter BountyAcorn Twitter BountyCoolBitX Twitter Bounty

We are actively working on a solution to eliminate this from happening again and we appreciate your cooperation!

Bounty Campaigns Distributed This Past Week: Bitxoxo: Distribution Date: July 27, 2018Total Tokens Distributed: 113,246.18 XOXOTotal Number of Submissions Received: 6,419Total Approved Submissions: 5,730 Gemera: Distribution Date: July 27, 2018Total Tokens Distributed: 49.50 GEMATotal Number of Submissions Received: 100Total Approved Submissions: 99 WandX: Distribution Date: July 27, 2018Total Tokens Distributed: 10,000 WANDTotal Number of Submissions Received: 1,112Total Approved Submissions: 819 Naviaddress: Distribution Date: July 27, 2018Total Tokens Distributed: 9,200 NAVITotal Number of Submissions Received: 67Total Approved Submissions: 16

** If you believe your submission was wrongfully rejected, or you think you received an incorrect amount of tokens for any of the campaigns above (except WandX), you have until Friday, August 3rd to create an appeal and email us at [email protected].

** No appeals will be accepted for WandX. The reward each hunter received was low because the host allocated a small amount of tokens to the bounty but gave out a large amount of stakes per submission. As a result, the token per stake ratio was very small, thus, it resulted in a small reward for each hunter.

Campaigns Ready For Distribution This Week:

Current tokens that are in our wallet and are ready to be distributed.

BlueWhaleEtherChain Appeals Ready For Distribution This Week:

Current tokens that are in our wallet and are ready to be distributed.

None Campaigns Reviewed and Tokens Requested:

These are campaigns that we’ve completed the review for and are awaiting tokens to be sent to us from the host.

MedicohealthMedichainCoolBitXOpen BlockSafe HaveniOliteBountieaXpireAcorn CollectiveCOTIIndie PartyContract Vault Campaigns Expected To Be Reviewed This Week:

These are the campaigns that we are hoping to have reviewed by the end of this week.

ShareRingQuant NetworkShareDropBit.GamePigzbeUniversal LabsGame4BitcoinTalaoAirdropX Bounty Campaigns That Require KYC:

These are the campaigns that have ended, been reviewed, and are just waiting for all hunters to do KYC. More details on our KYC integration will be released in the next couple of days!

EcomiSafe HavenCEEK Bounty Campaigns Where Distribution Is Delayed:

Tokens have been received from these hosts, however, they requested to not distribute them until later.

Keyrpto → Few more weeksUnbankedX → AugustIagon → End of ICO in SeptemberAsset Token → Tokens are broken and can’t be distributed currentlyWhalesburg → Token contract is paused For more information about Bounty0x

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