´╗┐ripple Release lib version 1.0.0

We are pleased to announce the release of ripple-lib version 1.0.0!

ripple-lib is a high-level JavaScript interface to the XRP Ledger. This version features a range of changes and improvements that make the library more capable and flexible. It includes new methods for accessing rippled APIs, including subscriptions.

When using this version with rippled for online functionality, we recommend using rippled version 1.0.1 or later.

Below is a summary of the changes since ripple-lib version 0.22.0 (the previous non-beta version).

New Features Add request(), hasNextPage(), and requestNextPage() for accessing rippled APIs.Add prepareTransaction() for preparing raw txJSON.XRP amounts can be specified in drops. Also, xrpToDrops() and dropsToXrp() are available to make conversions.getTransaction responses can include a new channelChanges property that describes the details of a payment channel. Data Validation and Errors Amounts in drops and XRP are checked for validity.A maximum fee is now imposed. Exceeding it causes a ValidationError to be thrown.Errors are improved and more data validation was added.Bug fix: getPaths now filters paths correctly and works correctly when the destination currency is XRP. Breaking Changes

The following changes were introduced in 1.0.0.

getTransaction() and getTransactions() The specification.destination.amount field has been removed from the parsed transaction response.To determine the amount that a transaction delivered, use outcome.deliveredAmount.If you require the provisional requested Amount from the original transaction: Use getTransaction's includeRawTransaction option, orUse getTransactions's includeRawTransactions option, orUse the rippled APIs directly with request. For example, call the API methods tx, account_tx, etc. getLedger() response object The rawTransactions field has been removed (for consistency with getTransaction() and getTransactions()).Instead, within each transaction, use the new rawTransaction JSON string.The metaData field has been renamed to meta for consistency with rippled's tx method.ledger_index has been added to each raw transaction.