Emercoin weekly digest #20High Exchange Rate of Emercoin, Launch of a Tough Project and Entry to a New Exchange Office

Good day, blockchain experts!

It’s becoming warmer not only outdoors but also at the crypto-currency stock exchanges. Last week the Emer team announced some amazing news. The Emercoin exchange rate hit a historic high of 1.04 dollars. The growth of the exchange rate was significantly influenced by the inclusion of Emercoin into the largest mining pool of F2pool.

Everybody was also shocked by the news about the Bitcoin exchange rate growth. Its new historic high is 2,000 dollars. This year, the Bitcoin price has increased by more than 100 %. You can find the details on the Fortune portal: http://fortune.com/2017/05/21/bitcoin-2000/

Last week Emercoin was added to the exchange office of CryptoDAO. It is not only a professional site for e-commerce, but also the first platform that grants crypto-credits. https://cryptodao.com/

We also have other positive news for the past week. On May 18 Authorizer.io was officially launched. This project was created by the efforts of three teams: HashCoins, Aspanta, and Emercoin. The main goal of the project is to draw the attention of users to password-free technologies of authorization and the advantages of blockchain certificates for daily use. https:[email protected][email protected]m-authorizer-io-8661689a039b

On this we finish, let’s go on working. Have a nice and easy week and don’t forget to check out our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/EmercoinOfficial


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