EncryptoTel (ETT) - Version 0.1.3: Change log

Hello, we are progressing on making our product better…

1. Fixed a page redirection after a session timeout. 2. Fixed a shopping cart request confirmation and animation. 3. Fixed a bug in the shopping cart, allowing the shipping cart to reset after canceling any item. 4. External number can be deleted now.  5. Implemented validation after adding an extension. 6. Fixed a bug not allowing phone numbers to appear in the marketplace after being put in the shopping cart. 7. Integrated the EncryptoTel account creation on the main page. 8. Fixed a refill page issues not allowing to make a payment or change payment amount. 9. Fixed a bug allowing to create a duplicate of a department in the company section after deleting the original. 10. Minor bug fixes.

Thank you all for support and bug reports. Keep them coming!