EOSIO Bug Fix Release v 1.2.4 With  Release Notes

This release provides bug fixes.

Description of the Issues Pre-release of wallet directory locking (#5495)

Multiple concurrent keosd processes operating on the same data directory can, in some cases, lead to loss of data. This patch introduces a feature which allows future versions of keosd to detect and gracefully handle this scenario.

Previous versions of keosd are not detected by this change so, users are strongly encouraged to update all running keosd processes to enable these protections, including those automatically launched by cleos.

Fix for RPC hangs/stalls when submitting transactions (#5481)

Users were infrequently experiencing prolonged delays/hangs when submitting transactions to an RPC API node. This release addresses an issue where only one of any number of RPC submissions received during a specific window of time would be processed. In scenarios where this window was large or lots of RPC submissions were submitted this would result in the hang/stalled response that users experienced.

Other Fix abi serialization exception in get block (#5548#5546, EOSIO/chainbase#18#5383)Launcher/test improvements (#5525#5547) Mitigations


Source Code:https://github.com/EOSIO/eos/r...