Bounty Program Part -2Translation Campaign

The # of TPCT Tokens allocated for the Translation Campaign is 562,500 TPCT.

What languages do you require for translation?

Languages requirements are different depending on the content required for translation. Specifics are as follows:

TPCT White Paper: Chinese (Mandarin) —AvailableChinese (Cantonese) — AvailableJapanese — Available One Pager: Chinese (Mandarin) — AvailableChinese (Cantonese) — AvailableJapanese — AvailableThai — AvailableVietnamese — AvailableIndonesian / Malay — ReservedSpanish — AvailableRussian — ReservedGerman — AvailableDutch — AvailableFrench — AvailableArabic — AvailablePortuguese — AvailableTurkish — ReservedFilipino — Reserved Bitcointalk Local Language Thread Arabic — AvailableIndonesian — ReservedSpanish — AvailableChinese (Mandarin/Cantonese) — AvailableFrench — AvailableGerman — AvailableRussian — ReservedTurkish — AvailableFilipino — Available

How do I apply for the Translation Campaign?

Application forms for the Translation Campaign are available here. Please apply and then wait for the NUPay Bounty Manager to get in contact with you.

Please do not start translating anything until you have received authorization. Participants that translate content without prior authorization will not be rewarded — in all circumstances.

How will points be allocated during the Translation Campaign?

Points will be allocated based on the content translated. Point allocation is as follows:

Only high-quality work will be selected. Work submitted will be checked by native level speakers of that language and will also be peer-reviewed by other bounty participants. Bounty participants who notice poor quality work or mistakes will be rewarded with a small bonus for their effort. Participants who submit poor quality work will be removed from the bounty program.

Is there a time limit for translation jobs?

Yes. Failure to meet time limits set out by Bounty Managers will mean translated work being rejected and bounties removed. In the event translations schedules are missed, translation work will be given to other applicants immediately. The time limits are as follows;

TPCT White Paper: 8 DaysOne Pager: 2 DaysBitcointalk NUPay Ann Thread (Local Boards): 2 Days.

Are there any additional bounties?

Yes. Small bounties will be given for spotting important errors and mistakes. The giving of these one-off bounties is strictly at the discretion of NUPay’s Bounty Managers. Small errors and suggestions on content, syntax or design changes will not be considered a bounty and will therefore not be rewarded.

Additional bounties will be given for community admins, local board admins, and other community administrative roles. These bounties will be given on an ad hoc basis and will be based on the experience and enthusiasm of the participant applying. Please get in contact with NUPay Bounty Management Team to discuss and suggest possibilities.

Translation Campaign Rules/Requirements

All translation requests MUST be pre-approved by the NUPay Team prior to work starting. Translation work started without permission will be rejected in all cases. Please apply and wait to receive permission before starting.Results for the pre-approval process will be informed through email or Telegram.All Translation work must be submitted according to schedule and due dates. Late submissions will be rejected. The White Paper should be completed in 8 days and the One Pager & Bitcointalk ANN thread should be completed in 2 days.Subjects for translation include the TPCT White Paper and NUPay One-Pager.Priority in Translations Include: Chinese (Both Mandarin/Cantonese), Japanese.At present, the White Paper will only be translated into Chinese (Either Mandarin or Cantonese) and Japanese. But the One-Pager and Bitcointalk threads need to be translated into a variety of different languages.All Translation works MUST be high-quality works and they will be reviewed by the NUPay Team and the natives of that specific language for the official release/publication. The shoddy, inaccurate and poorly translated material will be rejected.All Translation Works must be submitted to the NUPay Team in Word format or according to the guidelines. Translators can also be provided with the PDF and InDesign versions of the White Paper and One Pager for direct translations — but the quality is paramount. Reporting Activity

How do I report my activity?

Please report your NUPay Bounty Program activities for Bitcointalk and Social Media (Facebook, Instagarm, and Twitter) to our official BitcoinTalk Bounty Thread in the comments sections. Please use this format when reporting:

<Telegram OR Bitcointalk Handle> @Example <Bounty Campaign Section Title> Facebook Campaign

<Type of Activity #1> Likes/Shares

<Html Link to Activity #1> <Html Link to Activity #2> <Html Link to Activity #3>

<Type of Activity #1> Comments

<Html Link to Activity #1> <Html Link to Activity #2> <Html Link to Activity #3>

Your NUPay Bounty activity report MUST be submitted no later than every Monday 10:00 AM KST (for the previous weeks activity). Monday 10am KST will most likely be Sunday night in most places. Submission after this time will not be counted and considered as a failure to report activity.

NUPay: 1 Week Bounty Campaign Example

Failure to report on time or inaccessible/broken links will be disregarded and bounties will be forfeited for that week.

Why does activity report submission have to be by Monday 10 am KST?

Operationally, our Bounty Managers and NUPay Korea are based in Seoul, Korea. Monday 10 am KST will be when checks for the previous week’s work will begin the office. In most cases, Monday 10 am KST will be Sunday afternoon/evening in most places. But if you want to compare time-zones check here.

When and how will I know my points for the week?

Points allocation will be calculated and checked. This will be updated before Friday of every week and posted here. Until the ICO has been fully completed only points will be posted, not TPCT tokens. As token allocation is based on a combination of fixed and non-fixed variables, it would be impossible to provide a complete calculation until the end of the campaign.

If you have any issues with point allocations or bounties, please contact our Bounty Manager directly. Flooding (continuously posting the same request/compliant) chatrooms with complaints or requests will be met with permanent bans and removal from the bounty program.

General Information & General Rules

A brief overview of the general rules can be read about here. Some important points are covered below;

Participants must be over 18 years old.Participants must be respectful and polite to other bounty campaign participants, community members, and NUPay staff. Any participants who are rude, impolite or aggressive will be removed from the Bounty Program.Participants should always uphold the good name of the NUPay brand. The aim of the NUPay bounty is to increase the visibility of NUPay and to create discussion and awareness of NUPay. The Bounty program is not about creating unnecessary friction with other projects or communities in the industry.Participants should report their activities on time, every week. Failure to report activities late may result in bounties being forfeited.Participants must complete all the activities allocated for that week to attain their bounty.Once submitted, participants cannot change their ETH address under any circumstances.Participants should only take direction regarding the NUPay Bounty Program from NUPay Bounty Managers only (@NUPay_SamYang OR @NUPay_Peter).The email address [email protected] is for outward communication only. We will not reply to general inquiries via this email. This email will just be used for sending out bounty updates and news to participants.Participants should be careful regarding scams and scammers. This bounty is free to join, and NUPay will never ask for a membership payment of any kind from their bounty participants.This is the first NUPay Bounty Program, specifically for the Pre-Sale section of the NUPay ICO. Other bounties will be run at later dates for different stages of the NUPay project.Contact for the bounty program will be done via the official NUPay Bounty Telegram Community.The minimum participant number for each bounty campaign section is 15 people (excluding translations) in the unlikely event that this number is not met that particular section will be cancelled.In the event that the soft cap for the ICO is not met, the project will not go ahead. Therefore, this bounty program will be cancelled and all bounties subject to forfeit.TPCT ownership does not constitute a share within NUPay or any of its business entities, nor does it entitle TPCT owners to voting rights in the company. All existing and future terms and conditions apply to this bounty program.Where applicable, bounty participants should declare bounty winnings to the relevant tax authorities in their region or jurisdiction.NUPay reserves the right to remove participants for breaching the rules of the bounty program. NUPay also reserves the right to amend elements of the bounty program at any time.

Please also make sure to read the entirety of the FAQ and all of the related documentation. If you have any further questions, please contact NUPay’s Bounty Managers (@NUPay_SamYang OR @NUPay_Peter) via Telegram.