Introducing “To The Moon,” the Crypto Quiz Created by Dether Can you name all the crypto logos? Test your knowledge and compare your score to others in this home made game! ToTheMoon game, a gift by

Dear Dether community,

Today is Christmas day, and we couldn’t just leave our community without a small gift… We’re happy to present you a little game for fun called… ToTheMoon!

You’ve probably played with or heard of the Logo Quizz? We’ve made the same game but for crypto logos! Test your knowledge in naming all the crypto logos and compare your score to others!


Why creating ToTheMoon?

Recently we had to deal with an unexpected situation… We received several questions about the Dether’s token aspect of the project:

“Hello, I bought DTR tokens but haven’t received them in my wallet yet?”

or even…

“Hello, I have DTR tokens, can you tell me when you will be listed on BITTREX?”

Quite strange… since our token sale has not yet taken place! After a bit of investigation, we discovered that the token name “DTR” already exists! And yes, this name is used by another project. As the blockchain ecosystem is boiling with new ideas, projects are created every day, and it was to be expected that this kind of situation would happen. It’s why we logically decided to change the token’s name! This was followed by brainstorming with the whole team.

Lots of questions came up:

“What do we do?”  “How many letters should we use? Three or four?”

We came up with proposals for the new name too:

“DTH?!” “DETHR sounds good too?” “DTHR is not bad, right?” “What do you think of ‘DETR’?”

Roman, Dether’s UX/UI Designer, had the first idea of consulting our community through a survey. Who better to determine what will be the token name will be than the community that supports the Dether project? From this survey came out the name DTH and it’s the one we chose!

You know, the token’s name is part of project’s identity , admittedly it is not the most important but it is essential to have a name easy to remember and easy recognize, everyone’s okay with that, we think…

So, if we tell you:


Or if we show you this logo:

Or this logo:

Or this one :

It’s not easy to know what project this token name is for or what project this logo belongs to?!

That’s where Ishak, Dether’s full stack JS developer, got the second idea…

Why not create a game where people should associate the token’s name with the right logo?

That’s how ToTheMoon was born! HOW TO PLAY ?

It’s very simple: a crypto logo will be displayed on the screen, and you have 3 seconds to select its name. But every time you make a mistake, you’ll have to start again!

You can share your score and challenge people in the crypto community!