Blocktix Dev Update #14

Welcome to our 14th Blocktix Development Update. Again most of our concentration has been on the mobile app development as we want to push our mobile apps into the official stores as soon as possible, also in an effort to start our marketing plans as soon as this is a fact. But first:

Social Media

As always we invite each and everyone to join our social media channels. These are the perfect way(s) to keep up to date with what we are doing and of course can join the discussion about Blocktix.


If you are not connected yet, you can join our Discord server to explore the features of Blocktix, ask questions or just have a chat with other supporters!

Blocktix Mobile App Update

Last Monday the invites for our iOS Alpha went out and with that we’ve also given the overall app an update. A bunch of new features got added for both the Android as well as the iOS version, more about this in our Development section of the Update.

As we are getting closer and closer to the product release version, which officially can be launched in both the Apple App Store as the Google Play Store we’d still like to ask everyone to request an Alpha invite.

This will enable us to catch little bugs early and fix them before we go live. Especially for Android where the app will be available on many types on devices this is an important step where the community can help us out.

Join the Blocktix Mobile App Alpha here. * Invites are send out once every 24 hours — Please be patient after entering your details. As per usual you can join our Discord in #alpha for support and discussion.

Development of Blocktix

Updates on our Blocktix Mobile App

As you can see from our Mobile Alpha apps we’ve officially implemented the Promo TIX Giveaway. This required adding some significant backend services to prevent gaming of the system. In a sense the Promo TIX are fake TIX tokens which will be only spendable once per user on the system.

Another special feature that has now been added to the mobile app is the creation of a new wallet. It currently allows people to simply add a new wallet to the Blocktix app and secure it with a password. Some more wallet management features will be made available in the near future and the current tesnet version automatically fills the wallet with some test Ether and TIX as to be able to test the system.

Other additions have been the Notification Feed that will keep users up to date with updates from the Blocktix Platform, a Ticket History feature which shows the currently purchased tickets as well as the already redeemed ones. Lastly we’ve worked on supported smaller-screen devices better, so there shouldn’t be no issues anymore using a device like an iPhone SE.

In Conclusion

We’re now getting pretty close to the official release of the Blocktix Mobile Apps. For the upcoming two weeks this will be our number one priority. We’ll see you guys again in two weeks with more news about Blocktix!