First EMMARES partnership outside of EU CONFIRMED!

One of the results of our EUROPE TOUR is the first partnership we’ve set up with an ICO outside of Europe.

LIVEEN — is a blockchain based data platform that provides fair rewards for users’ data. LIVEEN and VEEN aim to establish an ecosystem in which brokerage fees are minimized and profits are returned to participants through the decentralization of certification-related data technologies, which are required for donations, advertisements, e-commerce activities as well as the identification of the user based on user contents. Official website:

This opportunity presents a great way for LIVEEN to use EMMARES platform in order to build their email reputation and at the same time be among the top marketers in the platform, by creating relevant content for email users. It also means that EMMARES is on its way to become a global digital reputation building system, by including marketers from all over the world.