In this special edition of the Expanse Newsletter we will be covering
some of the events at the DC Blockchain Summit, and also we have some
big announcements about the future that will be of interest to many of
you. As stated in the last Newsletter we are beginning serious marketing
and networking efforts at this point, and we really mean that, but
first, let’s share the story of what happened at the DC Blockchain

In this photo, we have MikeD of Poloniex with our lead developer and
co-founder of Expanse, Christopher Franko. Poloniex is perhaps the top
Alt-coin exchange in the world now. Polo is an exchange that started
from humble origins and evolved into one of the best. They did this
through picking innovative projects the other exchanges missed out on
early, and by and being honest about challenges over time with the
community, giving them a great deal of trust, reliability, and status in
the world of Cryptocurrency. Chris also had a chance to talk to some of
the Poloniex staff, and they had a great friendly conversation about
Expanse and Poloniex.

In this photo, Chris is standing with Jasmine Tirado, Partnerships Specialist at U.S. Department of State.

Christopher Franko at the entryway to the DC Blockchain Summit.

Dan Spuller shown here, he is the Director of Member Services at Chamber of Digital Commerce.

The greenroom was the snack room that every speaker in the event went
to, in order to prep for their speeches they were giving and after. This
was the premiere place to have our logo because every big name that
attended, every keynote speaker, saw our logo.

In the photo, Chris and his beautiful wife are outside the Green Room by the prominent Expanse Logo.

Chris and Jasmine Tirado having a chat.

Dan Spuller with Chris and his Wife outside of the Greenroom.

Jason King from Unsung with Christopher Franko

At the DC Blockchain Summit, Chris also had a chance to talk to Brock Pierce, Jeff Garzick, and Perriane Boring, along with Alex Tapscott, and four individuals from IBM, and many other people involved in Blockchain and Fintech. Interestingly, some were talking about ideas and future ICOs, for live technology that already works on Expanse. This was the final inspiration to start our own Blockchain Conference in the future, one focusing only on working technology, live demonstrations, Blockchain only, rather than using Blockchain more as a Buzzword for investments. A grassroots conference including the most interesting and promising upcoming cryptocurrency projects!

Bestinblockchain.com and Bestinblockchain.org are already registered, but the websites will be built after the 10 Blockchain Partners are finalized. If your Blockchain project and the team are interested, make sure and contact the Expanse team and let us know.



At present, many Blockchain conferences are mostly about the projects with the most money raised by ICOs, and they are about raising more money with additional ICOs. That is fine, and there is nothing wrong with people seeking some profits, but this is not really what Blockchain is about for those that really understand it and have been on the cutting edge for years. So, Expanse and some new Partners will be starting a grassroots Blockchain conference to go live in 2018.

We are in negotiations with some potential Blockchain partners for this, this will be Blockchain only, no Fintech. The first 10 official Blockchain Partners will have an equal say on how this conference will happen, like a roundtable, with these general guidelines to start out.

The Best in Blockchain Startups will happen in 2018.Teams and projects must be active for at least one year.Blockchain only, no Fintech.The conference will happen in the USA. (This is where some of the original potential partners are located)The original 10 (max) Blockchain projects will do the groundwork, planning, design, and be featured prominently and equally at the conference.The Best in Blockchain Partners can list each other as Partners if they wish, if they are unwilling to do that, then they should not ask to be a part of this.This will be entirely nonprofit, nobody will make any money directly from sponsors, speaking fees, anything like that. Although Sponsors can help pay for the venue.Blockchain Companies and Blockchain Exchanges will be welcomed to attend.Tickets will be low priced, we want as many people showing up as possible.Tickets will be Blockchain-based, of course. Working tech only is the theme here.This will be about grassroots communities and decentralized concepts and self-governance.The key focus will be a fun exciting event, with live streams, massive media coverage, professional photographers. Working technology rather than promises.


We are always working on bringing in new valuable partners to Expanse, that not only benefit Expanse but also our partners. This will be happening again soon. I cannot announce it until it happens, but the next special edition Newsletter will be coming out at an undetermined time, likely within the next few weeks or so, and when it is published all will be made crystal clear. Please don’t ask for more details, this is as transparent as we can be about it and we have to wait for our new Partner to be ready. Thank you!