IoP Full Nodes

Full Nodes are a set of components of the Internet of People
infrastructure packaged together and run by the Fermat community.

As of today, an IoP Full Node contains 4 components:

IoP Token Server (IoP Core): The software that processes IoP token transactions and stores them on a blockchain. It also runs our governance system that processes Contribution Contracts.Profile Server (PRO SRV): The software that hosts the IoP open social graph and stores it on a graphchain.Location Based Network Node (LOC NET): The software that creates a p2p network of nodes based on their geolocation. It allows other services to be geolocalized.Content Address Network Node: (CAN NET): This software creates a p2p network of nodes that manages an index of information managed by other IoP servers. Initially it manages an index of Profiles.

The list of components will eventually grow as we release more of them. In the short term / middle term we should be including:

Proximity Server (PXY SRV): This software allows people to share their location and allows other people to find them.Reputation Server: This component manages people’s reputation within the system.Stun & Turn Server: These servers enable device to device connections.

Until now, we have chapters running only the IoP Token Server in order to mine IoPs. Since we’ve released the other 3 components a few weeks ago the IoP Full node containing all the components is being installed. It is important for the project that every chapter runs an IoP Full node. By doing so we will be able to test the other 3 components on a large scale. There are features that can only be tested once we have more than 100 IoP Full nodes, such as the clustering of nodes into neighborhoods.

Also, deploying more than a 100 nodes makes us hit a nice milestone and our infrastructure start to be considered by entrepreneurs for connecting their apps to it. Running a full node today will not cause an overhead to your computer as mining do. Most of the time these components will sit idle doing nothing until the day the first apps get connected.

Later in the future, mining licenses will be active only if a full node with a good reputation is running. You can refer to these plans in the IoP whitepaper. In the meantime we will check this manually. So be sure to install a full IoP Node on the computer or server that you are using for mining. The project doesn’t need chapters mining without running the whole infrastructure provided by the IoP Full Node. The whole mining scheme is designed exactly for this, as an incentive to run the decentralized infrastructure. So let’s go and install 200 IoP full nodes and show app devs that we are ready for the show!

Thanks to Amadeo Charlé for the editing.


Luis Fernando Molina