FortFC - What are we developing?

It is important for us that our project’s community understands what product we are developing within Fort Financial Crypto, because it is not only a tokensale, but also a unique cryptotrading instrument, unlike anything else on the market.

After the main development stage is completed, our clients will be presented with a truly innovative product.

The platform will provide its users access both to all the trading information of the connected exchanges and to actual trading using their aggregated liquidity in one window, in real time.

From the technical point of view it is FortFC team’s own development — Aggregation Engine which accumulates the liquidity of the large cryptoexchanges pool. This is the project’s core.

Pictured: Aggregation Engine work scheme

Aggregation Engine uses the connectors of the project team’s own development to integrate the exchanges. Using separate connectors allows fast integrating of new exchanges without disrupting the service.

End users will get a choice to access our product through:

FortFC web-platform for quick and easy cryptocurrency exchange with the best prices from the connected exchanges.MetaTrader 5 for margin trading with the leverage up to 1:500.FIX API for brokers, exchanges, banks and big-deal traders.REST API — a universal protocol which can be used by all cryptocurrency market participants.