Fund Yourself Now New Projects on FYN in this New Year

After being asked on various media channels about what we have been up to lately, we really wanted to update our loyal members and community members as to where we are currently as a platform. After working on some amazing projects, we are currently working on the following three projects:

1. Viola.AI

Viola.AI harnesses on artificial intelligence and blockchain technology to develop a lifelong relationship advisor, Viola, and a marketplace to provide advices and solutions to help singles, attached and married couples create successful and happy relationships. FYN is the ICO advisor for Viola and is helping out the team in getting the word out through events, meetings and other networks.

Bounty Program — Viola has its exclusive bounty program and participants are called transformers. The transformers are entitled to amazing bonuses and cap increase. Show your “proof of love” by helping them grow on media channels. To know more about their program click here or join their Telegram group. Viola backers backing through FYN will be getting an additional bonus of 10% over the 50% bonus given by Viola.

Viola -White-paper To participate in Viola Token Sale click here.
2) New Era Energy (NERA)

New Era Energy (NERA) is using the Blockchain technology to enable a decentralized system to increase transparency and credibility, and to create a global benchmark for emission recording and reporting. It solves the current problems of access to capital for renewable energy developers, provides access to investments in well-managed and profitable projects directly to consumers and retail investors, as well as creates a loop to encourage more renewable projects initiatives around the world. FYN is hosting the token sale for NERA on its platform and is the Marketing Partner, where it helps NERA in community management and its online presence. This has some perks for FYN users too in Bounty Program!

NERA’s Presale/Private placement will be held from 15th January 2018 to 26th February 2018. ICO will be held from 8th March 2018 to 31st March 2018.

Bounty Program — NERA has recently announced the Green Advocates  Program (GAP) where the Eco-warriers i.e supporters can use their out of the box ideas to promote the project. You can join their telegram group to get quicker updates on the program or go to their latest update on Medium. The rewards will be given on the basis of quality of your support.  NERA supporters joining through FYN will get attractive additional bonuses.

NERA-White-paper. In order to participate in NERA click here.
3) is an Internet based based platform designed for the mash up of gaming and social media for the SEA community. With it’s unique blend of community, social media connection, Pay to Advance gaming features and eSport focus, Match room intends to become the preeminent online destination for gamers across South East Asia and other Emerging Markets. FYN is performing ICO advisory and marketing for this project. FYN will launch the social channels of this project soon on all the platforms. Don’t forget to continue giving your support!

Website & Whitepaper: In progress and shall be ready by next week.

We are glad to have reached to this stage and it is definitely because of your support and love that has helped FYN throughout this time and we hope this family keeps growing stronger. We will keep giving you updates from time to time.

Best, FundYourselfNow Team