FYN Starter Program — Golden chance to become a FYN holder and enjoy 15% BONUS! FYN Starter Program

Since the launch of our Staking program few weeks ago, we have been getting requests from various people on how to get FYN tokens so that they can enjoy the Staking bonus. Therefore, in order to get more people benefit from our Staking program,

We are starting a 14-days FYN Starter Program which will give you a golden chance to become a FYN holder with 15% BONUS!

We decided to give THIS GOLDEN opportunity to all our fans out there. The program will start from 5th March and will end on 19th March. Buy FYN tokens and start enjoying quarterly BONUS!

A Brief Intro of FundYourselfNow

FundYourselfNow aims to be the Kickstarter version 2.0, that offers help to people to raise funds for their projects that they are passionate about and to make their great ideas happen. FundYourselfNow ICO was successfully completed in July 2017 with more than 6000 ETH being raised.

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Working product: The beta version of FundYourselfNow platform was launched in October 2017. It has grown to be one of the leading cryptocurrency crowdfunding platforms in the world with more than 12k active platform users. Participate in projects you love using BTC, ETH or Cash.Immediate liquidity: FYN Tokens are already listed on Exchanges! You can trade FYN tokens on 5 exchanges now. No lock up period, no waiting. We have started applying to get listed on more exchanges in April. Exchanges on which FYN is listed Growing Community: FundYourselfNow values its community. We give exclusive membership benefits to reward FYN Members. We have 5k active telegram members, 8k twitter supporters and 2k medium followers now. We are one of the contributing writers for Hackernoon, The Mission and Good Audience on medium, and also own a few media publications. Top Tier ICO Advisory & Fundraising Service: We have advised and helped many projects such as Viola.AI, NewEra, WandX, Olympus Labs, Gatcoin, Genaro.network etc. Many amazing ICO projects have hit their fundraising target. Talent Marketplace for project creators: In order to become a one-stop crowdfunding and marketing platform, we aim to provide every resources that can make an ICO project successful. The beta version of the talent marketplace that is going to be launched in the end of Feb, will initially focus on hunting bounties for ICOs. We are already working with 10,000 bounty hunters through our existing bounty programs. FYN Talent Marketplace
“With FundYourselfNow, you can get everything you need to turn your idea into your empire.”
Where will you be using FYN Tokens? Staking Reward: By staking FYN tokens and holding FYN tokens in your Ethereum wallet , you will be rewarded with more FYN tokens every quarter end. The reward is up to 15% for every quarter. For people who buy FYN tokens from this starter program, they can also be the part of staking reward from Q2 2018 till Q4 2019! ****Read more about FYN staking program***More bounty: You will be getting additional bonus for bounty programs. **** Read the ongoing Viola.AI bounty programs ****Additional bonuses: FYN holders will also have the chance to get additional bonuses in ICOs that run on FYN platformDiscounted service fee: Project creators can use FYN token as the payment for platform services and enjoy a discount.Backing projects: FYN token can be used for backing selected projects on FYN platform. Normally there will be a bonus tied to using FYN! Token Details

Max Cap: 1000 ETH

Total Supply: 200,000 FYN tokens from FYN liquidity pool

Personal Cap:1 ETH

Token Price: 1 FYN= 0.005ETH

Start Date: 2 P.M, March 5, UTC +8

End Date: 2 P.M, March 19, UTC +8

Token allocation date: March 31

FYN Token Price — Estimated to be around 0.005 ETH per token. Price will be determined using Coinmarketcap price based on the day the ICO ends.

* Note that as we are selling tokens from our FYN token liquidity pool, we need to buy tokens back to replenish the pool. If we sell 1 million tokens (excluding the bonus tokens), we will place a buy order for 1 million FYN tokens across the exchanges we are listed on, at 70% of the closing price at which FYN was sold. **

>> How to buy FYN tokens from FYN:

1. Sign up on FundYourselfNow and verify your email address

2. Add ETH wallet address & Telegram id in the your User Profile.

3. Go to FYN Starter Program page and click Get it Now!

4. Send maximum 1 ETH to the collecting address.

Join our FYN Starter Program today and become a FYN holder with exclusive FYN holder benefits!